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Be aware that a death may have occured in a location other than where the person lived.  Obituaries, cemeteries, censuses, etc., which record deaths may mention a certain location, but it cannot be assumed that the person died there unless it actually says so.


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VITAL RECORDS - deaths  (for general information, see CEMETERIES)



  Ostrander Obituaries - USA   (Cliff Lamere)  147 obituaries and death notices, over 40 for New York State. 

  Ostrander Obituary Index - USA   (Cliff Lamere) 



    Search Engine for "New York Cemetery Inscription Search"   (Cemsearch)  In the right column, the links 

        in a smaller font are advertisements for CD's.   

    Search Engine for all NY Cemeteries posted on "" 

    Index of Online Obituaries, Only For Those Which List the Place of Birth  (Josť Rivera Nieves)  Caution: the

        name of the deceased is given in a very unusual fashion.  "Smith Jones, James Edward" would mean that

        Jones was the mother's surname.  To view, click HERE.  

    Knickerbocker Deaths in New York and Connecticut  (Howard Knickerbocker)  (11 Jul 2006)



  Society of Friends of Albany Cemetery - Quaker burials 1815-1859   (Cliff Lamere)  14 stones, 27 names.  

  Obituaries - City of Albany (1883-2000) - Every name indexed, including maiden names   

         (Bob Hoenig /Cliff Lamere)  Selected obituaries of Casla, Casale, Hoenig, Keeshan, McMullen, McNamara

         (very many), O'Connor, Smith, White and others.

  Prospect Hill Cemetery, Guilderland - 65 selected records   (Pam Butler)

  Irish Headstones found in Albany Alley - Aug 1999  (Cliff Lamere)

    Cohoes Deaths, 1834-1876   (Rebecca Rector)   From History of Cohoes, New York

  Cohoes Deaths from the Cohoes Republican Newspaper, 1895-1896   (Donald J. Cosgro)  

  Cohoes Deaths from the Cohoes Republican Newspaper, 1899-1900   (Donald J. Cosgro) 

  Cohoes Deaths from the Cohoes Republican Newspaper, 1908-1909   (Donald J. Cosgro) 

  Cohoes Deaths from the Cohoes Republican Newspaper, 1911-1912   (Donald J. Cosgro) 

  Cohoes Deaths from the Cohoes Republican Newspaper, 1912-1913   (Donald J. Cosgro)  

  Cohoes Deaths from the Cohoes Republican Newspaper, 1913-1914   (Donald J. Cosgro) 

  Cohoes Deaths from the Cohoes Republican Newspaper, 1914-1915   (Donald J. Cosgro)  

  Eagle Hill Cemetery (St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery), Albany   (Mary Ann and William Hildebrand)  This is a

         predominently German cemetery.  46 records.

  Deaths of Bethlehem Central High School and Middle School Employees   (Cliff Lamere)  

  German-born Men in St. Paul's (Eagle Hill) Cemetery, Albany   (Barry Schinnerer)  4 records for this

         predominently German cemetery. 

  Obituaries of Albany County and Surrounding Counties, 2006 Jan 1-7    (Cliff Lamere)  (1 Jan 2007)

     Eagle Hill Cemetery (St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery), Albany  (Barry Schinnerer)  About 2600 stones (partial).

     St. Matthew's Lutheran Cemetery, Glenmont  (Barry Schinnerer)  About 280 gravestones (partial).  

     1722-1757 Reformed Dutch Church Burials    (Bernie Schaaf)  Also, look at the burials of women and children.

     Deaths in Albany Newspapers 1784-1798   (Joel Munsell / Bernie Schaaf)  

     Albany Poorhouse Cemetery - Interments 1880-1930   (Matt Lesniak)  Read about the Cemetery

     Albany Rural Cemetery - Soldiers' Lot   (interment)  70 burials.  

     Albany Rural Cemetery, Menands - Selected Graves   (findagrave)  about 14,000 of the 36, 805 graves. 

     Albany Rural Cemetery, Menands - 138 Selected Burials   (Kathleen Clark)  

     State Street Burials, Albany (15 cemeteries)    (Betty Fink)  The deceased in these cemeteries were moved to

         other locations, mostly Albany Rural Cemetery, beginning around 1866.  These are mostly church affiliated

         cemeteries: 4 Presbyterian, 1 Dutch Reformed, 1 Lutheran, 1 Episcopal, 1 Methodist Episcopal, 1 Baptist,

         1 African Methodist Episcopal, 1 Universalist, 1 Society of Friends, and 1 Catholic.  Also a Potters Field 

         (two graves) and 1 other cemetery.  

      Town of Berne - 70 Cemeteries and Burial Grounds   (bernehistory)  1879 headstone records.  Click on a 

         cemetery name, then click on the number of headstones (to see a list of transcribed names), then click on a

         name to see that person's headstone (if it is available).

      Grove Cemetery (formerly Coeymans Cemetery), Coeymans   (Betty Fink)  About 1300 records.

      Guilderland Cemetery (formerly the Reformed Church Cemetery), Guilderland Center   (Betty Fink)

      Knox Cemetery   (USGenWeb)

      Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, New Salem (Town of New Scotland)   (Betty Fink)  About 500 records.

      Onesquethaw Cemetery, Tarrytown (Town of New Scotland) - Selected Records   (Betty Fink)  262.

      Prospect Hill Cemetery (Town of Guilderland)   (Betty Fink)  About 960 stones (c. 10% of the cemetery).

      Prospect Hill Cemetery's Register (Town of Guilderland) - 1858-1901   (Betty Fink)   

      Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Town of New Scotland) - Selected Records   (Betty Fink)

      Brookside Cemetery (Preston Hollow, Town of Rensselaerville)   (Ann Hanford)  

      Albany Co. Cemeteries (Knox Cem. + 26 cems. for specific surnames)   (NYGenWeb)

      Wolf-Kemp Private Cemetery (Town of Colonie)   (Ron Migliore)  10 stones including Sock, Reed.   



 ***Master Burial Index for Columbia Co.   (Lawrence V. Rickard)  About 60,000 names.  Use with next link.

***List of Columbia Co. Cemeteries to be used with Master Burial Index  (Cliff Lamere)  Includes

               general locations of 359 cemeteries.  Many are farm plots.  Use with Master Burial Index.

  Columbia Co. Obituaries of 2004 - in an Albany Co. newspaper   (Cliff Lamere)  Only an occasional Columbia

         Co. obituary appears in the Times Union (of Albany city), and those tend to be from Hudson northward in

         the county.  Obituaries will be added throughout the year on at least a weekly basis.

  Valatie - First Presbyterian Church - Deaths 1882-1890   (Cliff Lamere)  39 records.  

  Woodlawn Cemetery, Valatie - 37 Selected Records   (Pam Butler)  Surnames are Kipp, Hallenbeck, Golden

            Cheesebro, and many others.  Pam's notes about family relationships are especially valuable.   

  Kinderhook Cemetery - 46 Selected Records   (Pam Butler)  Major surnames are Hallenbeck, Minshell and

            Tobias, but there are many others.  Pam's notes about family relationships are especially valuable.

  Kinderhook Cemetery - 11 Van Alstyne Stones   (Louise H. Rainey /Cliff Lamere)  Surnames: Butler, Lee,

            Van Alen, Cromwell, Buckingham, Jones, Hermens, Knickerbocker, Mingael. 

  West Ghent Reformed Church Cemetery   (Shirley & Bill Moore)  These records are in alphabetical order.

          To make it easier to view relationships, you should view the records in order of FAMILY PLOTS.

          Many maiden names are listed, but you will have to find them visually or by using Find in your browser.

  Harlemville Cemetery   (Marion L. Kern / Wendy McLean)  274 tombstones, arranged by family plot.

  Krum Cemetery, Hillsdale   (Dorothy Avery / Marion Kern / Cliff Lamere)  39 records (may be complete to 1981)   

     Hillsdale Rural Cemetery Burials before 1873   (Jane Devlin) 

     Hudson City Cemetery    (Coralynn Brown / Jane Devlin)  (15 Jun 2007)

     St. Johnís Evangelical Episcopal Church Cemetery, Stockport - Old Section   (Bunny Best)  

     St. Johnís Evangelical Episcopal Church Cemetery, Stockport - New Section   (Bunny Best)

     Butler Cem. (Stuyvesant) & Mott Cem. (originally Presbyterian/Congregational Cem., Lebanon Springs) 

            (NYGenWeb)  These are not single-family cemeteries as the names imply.  You can browse to find some

            small cemeteries on this webpage (Vosburgh, etc.). 

     Union Cemetery, Mellenville   (Ginny Buechele)  Selected records. 

     Columbia Co. Deaths Listed on the 1865 NY Census (for Jun 1864 - May 1865)   (Susan Mulvey)

     Columbia Co. Deaths Listed on the 1875 NY Census (for Jun 1, 1874 - Jun 1, 1865)   (Susan Mulvey)

     Chatham Four Corners Dutch Reformed Church - Register of Deaths 1847 & 1860-1868   (Lisa McKern)



    Greene Co. Cemeteries   (NYGenWeb)

    Greene Co. Cemeteries   (nygreen2)  Cemeteries in 14 Towns.  Click here for site's Search Engine.

    Greene Co. Obituaries   (nygreen2)  

    Lexington (Town of) 1848   (Daryl Holmes)



  Names (5400) Extracted from Little Falls, NY Obituaries for 1956-1987 (A-G)   (Bob Coomber)  Much

            information is shown in this list of names.  Many of the relatives were not from Little Falls.  Bob

            Coomber will do lookups for additional information.   

  Names (5400) Extracted from Little Falls, NY Obituaries for 1956-1987 (H-M)   (Bob Coomber)

  Names (5400) Extracted from Little Falls, NY Obituaries for 1956-1987 (N-Z)   (Bob Coomber)



  Montgomery Co. Obituaries  (Nelson Ambridge)  Every name in the obituaries is indexed. 

     Montgomery Co. - Records for 127 Cemeteries   (NYGenWeb)  These folks have been working hard!

     1850 Mortality Schedule from Census for Amsterdam, Canajoharie, Charlestown, Florida, Glen, Minden,

        Mohawk, Palatine, Root, St. Johnsville  (Lynn Tooley)

     Klock's Church Burying Ground 1749-1868   (Royden Woodward Vosburgh)  Records on pages 14-17.

     Graveyard at Stone Arabia  (Rev. Andrew Dillenbeck)



    Search Engine for Rensselaer Co. NYGenWeb Site   (NYGenWeb)  Recommended because there are so many

        records on this site.  Of course, off-site records are not searched.

***  Rensselaer Co. - Cemetery Records   (NYGenWebContains 93,274 records and 646 Cemeteries!  Troy is 

          not included.

    Rensselaer Co. Cemetery Data   (NYGenWeb)  About 20 Cemeteries.

    Rensselaer Co. Obituaries   (Debby Masterson)

    Rensselaer Co. Deaths 1847 - Towns of Brunswick, Hoosick, Petersburgh, Pittstown, Sand Lake and

        Schaghticoke   (Joyce Riedinger)  All locations except Hoosic Falls are Town(ship) names.  Add "Town of"

        to any extracted records for the Towns.  To view, click HERE.

    Rensselaer Co. Deaths 1848 - Lansingburgh (village) and Towns of Nassau, Petersburgh and Poestenkill  

        (Joyce Riedinger)  To be correct, add "Town of" to each location except for Lansingburgh.  Click HERE.

    Rensselaer Co. Deaths, 1849 - Lansingburgh (village), Troy (city),  and the Town(ship)s of Berlin, Brunswick,

        Grafton, Greenbush, Hoosick, Petersburgh, Pittstown, Schaghticoke, Schodack and Stephentown

        (Joyce Riedinger)  To be correct, add "Town of" to each location except Lansingburgh & Troy.  Click HERE.

    Rensselaer Co. Deaths 1850 - Towns of Pittstown and Schodack   (Joyce Riedinger)  To be correct, add 

        "Town of" to each location.  To view, click HERE.

    Rensselaer Co. Census Mortality Schedules - US 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 & NY 1875   (Barbara Jeffries)  Caution:

        Most locations are Town(ship)s rather than villages or cities.  The deceased lived in those locations, but did not

        necessarily die in those locations.  To view, click HERE.

    Lansingburgh (now part of Troy) Newspapers, 1787-1850 - Index to Some Deaths   (Debby Masterson)

    Lansingburgh Deaths 1851   (Debby Masterson)

    Old Lansingburgh Cemetery (also known as Troy Cemetery)   (Debby Masterson)   

    Lansingburgh - Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery   (Debby Masterson) 

    Petersburg and Vicinity - Some Deaths 1848-1851   (Central New York Genealogical Society)

    Stephentown - Old Presbyterian Cemetery - gravestones 1776-1929  (Stephentown Federated Church)  

    Stephentown Center Baptist Cemetery    (Tina Ordone)  Photos and transcriptions of 54 gravestones.   

    Hillside Cemetery, Stephentown    (Tina Ordone)  A few photographs of gravestones. 

    Troy - Deaths 1864-1865 from 1865 NY Census   (Pat Connors) 

    Troy - Civil War Deaths Mentioned on 1865 NY Census   (Pat Connors) 

    Deaths 1874 - 1875 from 1875 NY Census for Troy   (Pat Connors)  Residents of Troy; deaths could be elsewhere.

    Troy - Church of Ascension (Episcopal) - Funerals 1868-1923   (Don Miller /USGenWeb)

    Troy - Oakwood Cemetery - 1897-1903 Interments   (Debby Masterson)   

    Troy - Oakwood Cemetery - c. 390 burials 1791-1859   (Barbara Jeffries)  Some or all of these people were

        removed from a different cemetery and moved to Oakwood Cem.   Oakwood has over 50,000 burials,

        which have not been published or put online.

    Troy - Oakwood Cemetery - 29 burials   (Kathryn Lee /Amy Leone)

    Troy - Oakwood Cemetery - 36 burials    (Vickie Wickware)  Mostly Wickware, Gaston, Winne and Harris.   

    Tombstone Inscriptions In Cemeteries In Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY Indicating a Foreign Place of Origin  

        (Loretta M. Nial) 

  St. Lawrence's Roman Catholic Church - Deaths 1904-1911 & 1917   (James Corsaro) 

  St. Lawrence's Roman Catholic Church - Deaths 1929-1930 & 1941   (Lynn Grice)  

  Troy - St. Joseph's Cemetery (Roman Catholic)   (Brooke Myers)  47 people, 18 surnames.  

    Troy - St. Joseph's Cemetery (Roman Catholic)   (P.J. Trudeau)  Selected people.

    Old Troy Burial Ground   (Janet Derbyshire)  Sometimes called Mt Ida Cemetery (location unstated), but, in

        addition, there are also an Old Mt Ida Cemetery on Pawling Avenue and a New Mt. Ida Cemetery on

        Pinewoods Avenue.

Deaths and Estate Notices from the Farmers' Register, 1803-1820   (Rebecca Rector)  Mostly Rensselaer Co. 

        "Place" probably means it is the location of the legal proceeding and/or the place where the person lived.

Deaths - North Second St. Methodist Episcopal Church, Troy, 1837-1846   (Rebecca Rector) 

    Deaths - St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Troy) 1804-1829, Albany Newspapers 1898-1909, and 

        Society of Friends (Quakers) (Troy) 1813-1900   (Barbara Jeffries)  Three sets of records on one page.

    Barberville, East Poestenkill, Groesbeck, Peek, Slouter, Myers and Barringer-Sharp Cemeteries   

              (Milton Thomas / Jane Devlin)

    Knickerbocker Cemetery in Schaghticoke  (Howard Knickerbocker)  Contains drawings of headstone names,

        dates, etc.  Drawings are not searchable by search engines.  Some maiden names are listed.  (11 Jul 2006)



    Schuylerville Reformed Church - Deaths 1790-1853   (Jere Hagedorn) 

    1840-1842 Death Notices from Saratoga Whig (a Saratoga Springs newspaper)   (Tom Lynch)

    1854-1856 Deaths Recorded by Holmes Funeral Co. of Saratoga Springs   (Tom Lynch)  These deaths could

        have occurred inside or outside Saratoga Co.   Intro    1854 Aug-Dec    1855    1856 Jul-Dec      

    1888 Deaths Reported in Saratoga Springs City Directory   ( Tom Lynch)

    Waterford Rural Cemetery   (NYGenWeb)  

    Terpening Cemetery in Rexford    (Findagrave)  11 gravestones including Terpening, Hays, DeGraft, McGee.

        Click on a name to see extensive information about the person and relatives.

    Van Schoonhoven Cemetery, Waterford    (Derick Van Schoonhoven)  Includes Clute, Leversee, Becker,

        Visscher, Vandemark, Fonda, Lighthall.  Click HERE for more information. 

    Deaths in Funeral Home Records 1878-1953   (Carol Waldron) 

    Sweetman Cemetery, East Glenville   (Ray Brown)  Earliest burial 1887.  


  St. George's Church Cemetery (Episcopal), Schenectady - 1788-1994  (Robert Vines / Jonathan Pearson IV)

          450 burials.  

    Vale Cemetery, Schenectady (about 100 records)   (Eileen Sitterly)  This is a small part of the cemetery.

    A Copy of the "Corrected List" of Tombstone Inscriptions, Schenectady N. Y.   (NYGenWeb)  A book by

        Charlotte Taylor Luckhurst containing records of a large number of the deceased who were removed 

        from a burial ground.  Most of them were then reburied at Vale Cemetery.

    Princetown Reformed Church Cemetery, Duanesburgh   (Betty Fink)

    Fisher Cemetery, Rotterdam   (Cemetery Records Online)  101 graves.  Most common names are Bradt,

        Sitterley and Scrafford. 

    Indexes to Obituaries in Schenectady Newspapers (1812-1820, 1822-1834, 1867-1868, 1881-1885, 1902)

        (Schenectady Co. Public Library)

    First Reformed Church of Scotia - Deaths 1832-1899   (Donald Keefer / Channon M. Moon)

    Scotia - Old Reformed Church Cemetery Gravestones   (Donald Keefer / Channon M. Moon) 

    Scotia - Sanders Family Cemetery   (Donald Keefer / Channon M. Moon)  First burial in 1783.  Many surnames.



    Schoharie Co. Cemeteries (91)   (NYGenWeb)  

    "New" cemetery in Summit   (Howard M. Crapser)

    Gilboa 1918-1921 - Cemetery Reinterments Prior to Flooding the Land   (Joyce Riedinger /USGenWeb)




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