Tomb Stone Records of Kinderhook Cemetery, Kinderhook, N.Y.


Copied by Mrs. Louise H. Rainey

New York, NY

for Manhatten Chapter, D.A.R.

July 27, 1931


Prepared for computer by Clifford Lamere    Feb 2001



Presented by Mrs. Gilbert E. Rodgers.  March 26, 1931.

Source:  D.A.R. New York - Cemetery, Church & Town Records.  Vol. 42:1


I believe that the following records are in marriage pairs, except for William who many have been married twice.  It would appear that the maiden name was given for each Van Alstyne wife.


Comments by Cliff Lamere are in brackets [ ].


Surnames: Van Alstyne, Hermens, Mingael, VanAlen, Van Alen, Knickerbocker, Butler, Jones, Cromwell, Buckingham, Lee.





                  Van Alstyne


Van Alstyne, Jan Martense  d. 1698

Van Alstyne, Dirckje Hermens  d. 1682


Van Alstyne, Lambert  165_-1703

Van Alstyne, Janettie Mingael  1669-1727


Van Alstyne, Thomas  1669-1735

Van Alstyne, Maria VanAlen  1685-1768


Van Alstyne, William  1721-1902 [sic.  Must be 1802.]

Van Alstyne, Christina Van Alen  [no dates]

Van Alstyne, Catharine Knickebocker  [no dates]


Van Alstyne, Thomas:  Born Feb. 18, 1765

                                       Died Sept. 10, 1836

   his wife

Butler, Mabel:  Born Jan. 3, 1768

                           Died Feb. 13, 1832


Mable [sic] Butler was daughter of Ezekiel Butler born abt. Apr. 12, 1734, and Mable Jones of Saybrook, Conn.


She is said to have been a lineal descendant of Col. John Jones one of the R [sic] born 1579 beheaded Oct. 17, 1660 and Henrietta Cromwell sister of Oliver Cromwell.


Ezekial Butler was son of Jonathan Butler an Irish Gentlemen [sic] who settled Saybrook 1724.


He [Jonathan] married Temperance Buckingham dau. of Daniel Buckingham and Sarah Lee.  8-1726.




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