St. Joseph's Cemetery (Roman Catholic), Troy, NY -

47 Names From the Swamp Area


Transcribed from stones and photos of stones by Brooke Myers


Webpage by Cliff Lamere    Feb 2001


Brooke Myers


Editor's Note: The cemetery's addess is 156 Mann Ave., Troy, NY 12180.  Phone 518-273-8322.  Brackets [ ] are used below to indicate a comment made by the transcriber.  Each gravestone is numbered and separated from the next by a space.  And, although there are only 14 stones, they contain data for 47 people and 18 surnames.  Six stones each had two surnames mentioned.  Caution:  Much data is beyond the right edge of the screen.  -- Cliff Lamere

	Surname	 	Given Name	Life Dates		Comments

1.	O'Brien		Martin		Died April 5. 1881	Aged 45 Years  [other side of O'Brien tombstone said] Their Children [after which Mary Mc Auliffe and 4 others (no surname) were listed.]
			Mary		Died Jan. 23. 1893	His Wife, Aged 52 Years
	Mc Auliffe	Mary E. 	1862-18[9?]8		[Mc Auliffe may be her married name at time of death.  She must have been an O'Brien.]
        [O'Brien]	Thomas		1871-1887
2.	Mc Cormick	Wm.		1837-1915		CO. C. 48 REG. U.S. INF.

3.	Banks		Edward

4.	Mc Intosh	Francis T.	Born November 2, 1858	Died May 5, 1901

5.	Whalen		M.

6.	Gibbins		Thomas Sr.

7. 	Donovan		Mary E.		Died May 28, 1889	Erected by Patrick Byrnes in memory of His wife Mary E. Donovan Died May 28 1889 Aged 29 Yrs.

8. 	Closshey	Patrick	
			Catharine	Died April 12 1885	His wife
			William		Died June 20 1883	
			Joseph		Died Dec 12 1878	
			Ellen 		Died April 15 1861
 			Bridget		Died Feb 6 1869
	O'Connell	Ellen		Died Sep 22 1877	Sister of Patrick Closshey

9. 	Daley		Michael		
			Catherine				His Wife [poor photograph- cannot read much of the text well; looks like either Michael had more than one wife (because I see more than one "His Wife)", or there are more male names that I cannot read; no dates]
	Ryan		Elizabeth Daley				[last name; may be preceded by "His Wife."]

10.	Lennon		Anna B. [?]	Died Dec. 13th 1862	Wife of Michael Lennon [next line] Born ... [? Unreadable ?] ...Ireland [next line] Aged 55[?] years
			Michael		Died Dec 1[?] 1863	[one unreadable line of writing before a line that reads, "Ireland;" I think the last line reads, "Aged 60 years," but am not positive.]
			William B. 				[all lines are unreadable except for "Ireland;"  I think I see a date of death as "18??," otherwise I cannot read]
	Forrest		Joseph					[cannot read any lines of writing except for Ann Lennon His Wife (?)]

11.	Miller							Erected [next line] Dennis[?] & Johanna[?] Miller  In memory of their [? Children..unreadable]
			[unreadable]	Died Feb 16[?] 		[cannot read the rest]
			Catherine	Died Sept [13?15?]	Aged [?] years
			Eliza		Died Mar [?] 1864[?]	Aged [?] years
			Margaret	Died May ? 1863[8?]	Aged 4 [?] years [age is a single number; this grave stone is highly unreadable from my picture; is weathered, but stone appears to have a coat of arms or similar symbol on top]

12.	Gibbins		Thomas Sr	1827-1896[?]
	Lee		Bridget T.	1829-1896		His Wife
	[Gibbins]	Peter J.	1866-1887		Their [Thomas and Bridget's] Children
			Paul		1866[?]-1866		[dates are slightly illegible due to weathering]

13.	Ryan		Jeremiah	Died Aug. 26, 1891	Aged 75 Yrs.
			Anastasia	Died Jan. 23, 1890	His Wife  	Aged 60 Yrs.
			Mary		Died July 12, 1866	Aged 75 Yrs.  Mother
			Bessie		Died May 11, 1877	Aged 65 Yrs.  Sister  	[last line:] May Their Souls Rest in Peace. Amen.

14.	Keenan		Ellen					[no dates; before Ellen there are a few lines that say,] "In Memory of James and Bridget Keenan [next line] Their Children
	Otterson	Thomas
	Keenan		Joseph					[strange order of names; Otterson names are between Keenan children and Joseph/Bridget]
			Bridget C. Orr				His Wife


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