Eagle Hill Cemetery, Albany, NY

Selected Burials


Transcribed by Mary Ann (Henckel) and William Hildebrand

October 2000



Webpage by Cliff Lamere    October 2000



This small cemetery is located at 1019 Western Avenue, Albany, New York.  It is an old German Lutheran cemetery owned by St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, which is located at 475 State St., Albany, NY 12203.  The condition of the cemetery has been greatly improved recently with a new sign in front and removal of many overgrown bushes and trees.  The entire cemetery has been well taken care of this year.  There are approximately 500-800 burials, so the list provided here is only a small portion. The cemetery is sometimes referred to as St. Paul's Cemetery.


Information for these selected burials is from the gravestone markings.  Comments giving information not provided on the stones are in brackets [  ].  A list of abbreviations found on the gravestones can be found at the bottom of this webpage.




          NAME                                           BORN                DIED      ADDITIONAL INFORMATION


Dickel,  Elizabeth                1826         1907   [wife of Conrad Henkel]

Ebel,    John H.                  1835         1918

Fisher,  Stephen C.               1875         1919

Geisel,  Anna M.                  1847         1918   [wife of John H. Ebel]

Geisel,  Catherine                1825         1905   [wife of Frederick Geisel]

Geisel,  Catherine                1849         1922   [wife of William Winter]

Geisel,  Christopher        1 Nov 1831  20 Dec 1891

Geisel,  Elizabeth                1881         1948   [wife of Frank Hagaman]

Geisel,  F.                                           [bur. with Frederick & Catherine Geisel]

Geisel,  Frederick                1815         1877   [husb. of Catherine Geisel]

Geisel,  Frederick                1852         1917   [husb. of Sophia Geisel]

Geisel,  Jacob                    1857         1897

Geisel,  John                     1845         1934   [husb. of Louise Geisel]

Geisel,  John Georg        2 Juli 1810  20 Nov 1875   [B. Pfüllingen, Kingdom of Würtemberg,  

                                                       d. Albany, NY]

Geisel,  Johnnie J.        26 Feb 1880  21 Oct 1885   [bur. near Wm Winter & Catherine Geisel]

Geisel,  Louise                   1849         1917   [wife of John Geisel]

Geisel,  Kungunde           8 Apr 1813  18 Jun 1883   [wife of John Georg Geisel]

Geisel,  Mary Barbara             1831         1907   [bur. near Ludwick Fred. Weiss]

Geisel,  Mary                     1877         1956   [wife of Stephan C. Fisher]

Geisel,  Sophia                   1855         1928   [wife of Frederick Geisel]

Geisel,  William                  1872         1900   [buried with Frederick & Sophia Geisel]

Hagaman, Frank                    1870         1941

Henckel, Adele                    1880         1901   [dau. of Charles Henckel & Mary Simon]

Henckel, Anna                     1868         1888   [dau. of Charles Henckel & Mary Simon]

Henckel, Charles                  1841         1923

Henckel, Charles                  1871         1888   [son  of Charles Henckel & Mary Simon]

Henckel, Marie                    1869         1887   [dau. of Charles Henckel & Mary Simon]

Henckel, Minnie                   1878         1886   [dau. of Charles Henckel & Mary Simon]

Henkel,  Conrad                   1827         1907

Lehr,    A. Margaretha      3 Oct 1806   6 Feb 1888

Lehr,    G. Konrad          4 Sep 1779  22 Jun 1865    Alt 85 Jahr   ?m. ? d.

Markert, Anna Geisel              1857         1930   [nee Hanson & bur. next to Jacob Geisel]

Meroth, Charles J.                1859         1924

Simon, Elizabeth           20 Sep 1840  25 Mar?1930   [wife of Christopher Geisel]

Simon, George                     1857         1864

Simon, Mary                       1843         1917   [wife of Charles Henckel]

Simon, Mary                       1859         1864

Simon, H. Christian        19 Nov 1805  14 Oct 1860    Alt. 62 Jahr 10m 25 d.

Stutz, Georg Friederich    19 Mai 1846  15 Jan 1916   [Pastor of St. Paul's Evangelical

                                                       Lutheran Church, Albany, NY

                                                       from 1880 to 1916]

Weiss, Ludwick Fred.              1829         1890   [bur. near Mary Barbara Geisel]

Westervelt, Arthur L.             1907         1948

Winter?, Baby                                         [bur. near Wm Winter & Catherine Geisel]

Winter, Carrie                                        [bur. near Wm Winter & Catherine Geisel]

Winter, Catherine                 1870         1944   [bur. next to Charles J. Meroth]

Winter, Henry                                         [bur. near Wm Winter & Catherine Geisel]

Winter, William                   1848         1892   [VFW, husb. of Catherine Geisel]





Many gravestones in this cemetery are in German - even for deaths after 1900.  Here are some abbreviations & translations which will be useful when looking through the cemetery:


Abbreviation    Full Word              English

geb.            geborene               nee, maiden name

geb.  d.        geburtsdatum           birth date

gest. d.        gestorben datum        date of death

                gattin von             wife of

                gattin des             wife of

                geliebte gatten des    beloved wife of

                Jahr                   year

Kon.            Königreich             kingdom



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