Hudson Evening Register's Social Notes from 1912,

Including Some Births, Marriages & Deaths

Transcribed by Margaret Mullen    2002


Webpage by Cliff Lamere    Jun 2002



Notes by Cliff Lamere:

The Hudson Evening Register was probably published five or more days per week.  For the year 1912, Margaret selected 13 days which had a large number of social notes (for many issues, the notes were few).  Most social notes, but not all, were transcribed for those 13 dates.   Sometimes a note will say that something happened last Tuesday, so here is a list of the newspapers showing the day of the week:


Apr 19     Wednesday

May 9     Thursday

May 22   Wednesday

Jun 26     Wednesday

Jul 25      Thursday

Jul 31      Wednesday

Aug 29    Thursday

Sep 18     Wednesday

Sep 25     Wednesday

Oct 16     Wednesday

Oct 30     Wednesday

Oct 19     Tuesday


When you browse from one date to the next, you will notice a change of the font color.


Source:  NY State Library microfilms which have beginning and ending dates.  These can be borrowed from anywhere in the U.S. on interlibrary loan.  See the website of the New York State Newspaper Project.


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Stottville --- March 12, 1912
--- Mr. and Mrs. James Halleran gave a most delightful party Friday night at their home. The affair was held in honor of the birthday of their son, John Halleran, who celebrated his twelfth natal day. Games and contests were the evening's pastime, after which the hostess, Mrs. Halleran, served a most delicious supper. There were present Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yerrick, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ward, Mrs. Sarah Cook, Miss Margaret Van Hoesen, Miss Evelyn Ward, Miss Margaret Halleran, David Voshell, George L. Muller, Floyd Van Hoesen and George Halleran. In a donkey contest the first prize was won by Mrs. Sarah Cook, consolation by Miss Margaret Halleran. In the Teddy Bear contest David Voshell won the first prize and Margaret Van Hoesen consolation. Master John received many pretty and useful gifts.
--- Miss Ethel Pace has accepted a position as assistant bookkeeper in the office of No. 4 mill of the Atlantic Mills Co.
--- Edward Miller, who has been seriously ill from blood poisoning and other ailments is somewhat better.
--- Mrs. Louis G. Bates and sons Charles and Cyrill, of Gary, Ind is making an extended visit at the home of her mother, Mrs. Peter Van Bramer.
--- John J. Plass has been confined to his home the past week through illness.
--- Mrs. David Voshell has returned from Hudson, where she has been a guest of her daughter, Mrs. Samuel Rowles, the past two weeks.
--- M.J. Hinson of Valatie was in town Sunday calling on friends.
--- Mrs. Fred Welch and children of Hudson, were guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Bowdy, Saturday and Sunday.
--- Mrs. Fred Consack of West Tachkanic, and Miss Emma Sharan of Claverack were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Halleran.
--- Peter Wichrosky and son, left Monday for Syracuse where they will make an extended visit.
--- Mr. and Mrs. John Mackey and little son of Hudson were Sunday guests of Mrs. Mackey's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Shaw.
--- Mrs. Thomas Park of Yonkers is spending several days with her father and mother Mr. and Mrs. Harry May. Mr. Park also spent Saturday and Sunday with them.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Davis returned home Saturday from Stapleton, Staten Island, where they have been spending the winter at the home of their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Stanton.
--- Mrs. Samuel Henshaw left Saturday for Troy, where she spent several days with her daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. James Thorpe.
--- Mrs. Frank Seestadt has recovered from a severe cold which had kept her confined to her home for some time.
--- Edward Schiller spent Saturday and Sunday with his family at Valatie.
--- Mrs. Fred Gregory has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Nielsen at their home in Albany this week.
--- Mr. and Mrs. William Clark of Mariner's Harbor Staten Island are guests of their aunt, Mrs. Edgar Best.
--- Rev H. H. Lipes of Nassau is a guest of his son and wife, Dr and Mrs. Robert S Lipes.

Clermont --- March 12, 1912
--- Milton Denerly and Mrs. Philip Fonda spent several days last week with the latter's parents at Athens.
--- Paul Polischnes is the proud owner of a fine new auto.
--- William Pinckard and Robert Martin of Ferrum, Va are expected to arrive in town shortly and will be employed by J. Tinkelaugh
--- George W. Staulpaugh is going to erect a new violet house.

Omi --- March 12, 1912
--- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shaver and daughter of Jamaica are visitors with their relatives in this place.
--- Miss Ella Morehouse is a guest of Rev. H. C. Morehouse and wife.
--- Mr. and Mrs. James Coon will occupy the house of Frank Tipple after April 1.

Germantown --- March 12, 1912
--- Worthy Fingar proprietor of the Central House will be the owner of a new auto this spring.
--- Henry Hamm who has been working for Warren Lasher will work for A. W. Hover & Bro the coming year.
--- Mrs. Edward Fale who have (sic) been very ill is convalescing.
--- Arthur Lasher, chief engineer of the tug Primrose, expects to leave for New York in a few days. Otha Funk will go with him as fireman.
--- Mrs. William Boice Jr. and daughter Mary Emma, have been spending a few days in Maudlin with her sister, Mrs. John Mink and son Melvyn, who has been quite ill but is now convalescing.
--- Garfield Moore and Clarence Lasher were in Poughkeepsie for a few days last week.
--- J. F. Potts and John Brennan have purchased new horses from William Plass of Linlithgo.
--- Mrs. Worthy Fingar called on her sister, Mrs. Fred Lape, of Stottville, Saturday.
--- Hiram Rockerfeller will work in Kinderhook for the season and expects to move there about April 1.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lasher and family will move to Schenectady this spring, where Mr. Lasher intends to do painting.
--- Wellington Felter is having his new house painted. The work is being done by Gustav Funk.
--- William C Ladue and bride were treated with skimmelton Tuesday evening. Mr. Ladue appreciated their visit and treated the boys to fine cigars.

Madalin --- March 12, 1912
--- Mrs. Lloyd Coon and Miss Fannie Coon and Flossie Lasher of Nevis were in town Thursday.
--- Grover Ogden and Robert Ogden spent Friday in Upper Red Hook with their aunt, Mrs. Jerome Stall.
--- Christian Linder of West Point is the guest of his mother for a few days.
--- Mrs. Anna Althiser entertained company Sunday night.

Greendale --- March 12, 1912
--- Lloyd M Hallenback has sold his valuable Ayershire cow.
--- Mrs. Melvin Rhinesmith is seriously ill with measles.
--- Mrs. John Spellman spent Friday with her aunt Mrs. G. M. Griffin in Catskill.
--- James Jennings will move to Cold Spring for the summer where he will work on the State road.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hallenback are visiting at Cobleskill for a few days.

Claverack --- March 12, 1912
--- Miss Florence Seipel spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Seipel.
--- Miss Ruth Holmes was a Sunday guest of her aunt, Mrs. Lewis Morrison at Mellenville.
--- Mr. Coons of Lake Charlotte has been visiting his sister, Mrs. James Coons.
--- Miss Marion Mellius of Philmont was a Sunday guest of her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Myron Mellius.
--- Miss Caroline Gaddis of West Ghent is spending some time with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Gaddis.

Stottville --- April 29, 1912
--- Mr. and Mrs. Marsden A. Groat entertained at their home last Saturday evening. The guests included Mr. and Mrs. Edward A Groat, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Groat, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Houston, Jr, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Morris, Miss Gertrude Herberg and Claude Garrison.
--- Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Peterson will move this week into the Francis Truax home. Mr. and Mrs. Harry May, who now occupy it have their household goods packed preparing to move from town. Mr. Truax will go at the same time to Yonkers, where he will make his home with his daughter, Mrs. John Roden.
--- Miss Lillian Ham is spending a short vacation at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Z. Ham. Miss Ham is a graduate nurse employed at the Samaritan Hospital in Troy.
--- Mrs. David Voshell has returned from Hudson where she spent the past week with her daughter, Mrs. Samuel Rowles.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Powell spent Sunday at Kinderhook with Mrs. Powell's mother, Mrs. M. Hover.
--- Stephen Melius of Hudson, was in town Sunday calling on friends. He attended the afternoon service at the M.E. church.
--- Charles Miller of Castleton spent Saturday and Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Miller.
--- Rev. H. H. Lipes of Nassau was a visitor Sunday at the home of his son, Dr. Robert S. Lipes.
--- William Dick left Saturday for Albany, where he spent several days at his home.
--- Peter Aken spent Saturday and Sunday at his home in Philmont.
--- Miss Valerie Gregory is a guest at Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nielson at Albany.
--- Mr. ands Mrs. William Hargreaves spent Sunday with friends at Hudson.
--- Adam Stoliker spent Sunday with relatives in Kinderhook.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Edward Yerrick spent Sunday at West Ghent with Mrs. Yerrick's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Herberg.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Richmond will move into the rooms over Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Houston, Sr which have been vacant for some time.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Van Hoesen were Sunday guests of their son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Van Hoesen at Stuyvesant Falls.

Martindale --- April 29, 1912
--- The last reports of Clarence Warfield, who was operated on at St. Peter's Hospital, Albany, some days ago for tubercular growths, were that he was gaining as fast as possible.
--- Work has again been resumed on the State road here, but not much progress is being made owing to the rainy weather.
--- Thomas Edwards spent a few days in Colebrook, Conn. recently and returned home with a new horse and two---seated surrey.
--- Mrs. John Looker is visiting friends in White Plains and Washington Heights.
--- Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Warfield and family entertained friends from Philmont, Sunday.
--- Miss Elsie Brown is spending an indefinite period with friends in Brooklyn.
--- Stanley Palmer purchased a fine team of horses at J. Jackson Palmer of Hillsdale one day last week.

North Claverack --- April 29, 1912
--- Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. New spent Sunday with friends in Kinderhook.
--- Mrs. C. Fowler and Mrs. Fred Demarest were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller of Claverack Friday.
--- Mrs. and Mrs. Frank Cooper of Mellenville spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Pulver.
--- Miss Laura Jones was a guest of Miss Jennie C. Miller Sunday.
--- Rev. Leonard Appledoorn made pastoral calls in this vicinity last week.

Philmont --- April 29, 1912
--- Miss Julia Macy of Hudson has been spending a few days with her cousin, Miss Charlotte Vedder.
--- Mrs. Charles Perkins of Cohoes has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Seymour Wilkenson the past week.
--- Cecil Caul of Hudson spent Sunday with friends in town.
--- Spencer Decker has accepted a position as chauffeur for John D Mardson, of Yonkers.
Bertram L. Smith, impersonator, will appear at the Reformed church Thursday evening, May 2 at 7:30. Admission 25 cents; children under 12: 15 cents. All are invited.
--- Mrs. Clarence McGinnis of Pittsfield, Mass has been visiting friends in this village.
--- Miss Frances Boright is visiting Mrs. Charles Perkins at Cohoes.
Paul Haigh of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of Troy spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. N.D. Haigh.
--- William Phalen has resigned his position with the High Rock Knitting company and is going to his home in Leeds.

Jackson Corners --- April 29, 1912
--- Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Pells are spending a few weeks at Millard Coons'.
--- Lawrence Cotter of Poughkeepsie spent the past week in this place.
--- Contractors Kilmer and Coon will go to Hudson this week where they are to build several homes for R. L. Andrews.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Hartman of Galatin visited at Mr. and Mrs. Reel's Saturday evening and attended the Grange.

West Taghkanic --- April 29, 1912
--- Dr and Mrs. Harry B. Avery are spending some time with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Avery.
--- Eston Baker is ill with the measles.
--- Fred Baker was a visitor in Red Hook last week.
--- The barn of Leonard Sheldon was destroyed by fire Thursday afternoon about 3 o'clock. Last year's crops of all kinds and harness and farming implements were destroyed but no live stock. Origin of fire is unknown.
--- The Ladies Aid Society will meet Thursday at the home of Mrs. C. Nebbie.
--- P.A. Bush has a hen that lays an egg 3 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches.
--- Miss Ruth Decker of Glenco called on Mrs. Henry Fingar Saturday evening.
--- Mrs. Henry Knickerbocker and son Clyde and daughter Clara of Blue Store visited her brother and wife Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fingar Sunday.
--- Eaton Baker has been quite ill with the measles and pneumonia.
--- Richard Avery of Claverack, a former resident of this town, was a caller in this place Saturday.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Leon of Ancram visited the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hawyer Sunday.

East Chatham --- May 9, 1912
--- Some of the East Chatham farmers received a car load of lime to sow on their land last week.
--- H.Q. Quinion received a car from Connecticut filled with Hubbard fertilizer, last week. He sells some, but uses a great deal on his farm.
--- Emma J. Palmer has sold her house and store at East Chatham to P. Slattery, the party who now occupies the store. The terms of sale were not made public.
--- A report says that a party from Chatham has bought the Michael Mooney farm.
--- Canaan's Highway Commissioner, Henry Steuerwald, was on the job Thursday, scraping the road from East Chatham to Canaan.
--- Frank Murgethroyd, the butcher, will move next week to his new market in the postoffice building.
--- The farmers are very busy ploughing for, and sowing oats.

Martindale --- May 9, 1912
--- Joseph W. Tays, Jr, and little daughter, Miss Josephine spent a portion of last week with friends in Troy.
--- Miss Blanche Simmons spent Sunday with Miss Isa Palmer.
--- Allan Gorsline, who lives on the Martin farm had a sick horse last week. Dr. Luff of Hudson attended it.
--- Marshall Miller has been confined to the house the past week with the grip.
--- Sunday guests at E. Hams's were Clark Ham of Pittsfield, Miss Alta Van Deusen and Miss Emma Post of Philmont.
--- Mr. And Mrs. George Wortz were Sunday guests of Mr. And Mrs. John Walters.
--- Miss Alida Kerner, of Ghent, spent a few days last week at the home of J.C. Warfield.
--- Mr. Tays has been setting out a fine lot of young fruit trees on his farm here.

Hudson --- May 9, 1912
--- Mr. An Mrs. John Nink, Mr. And Mrs. Frank S. Hoag and masters Charles and John Hoag spent Sunday at the house of Mr. And Mrs. Harry A. Pulver in Chatham.
--- Dr. Roscoe C. Waterbury was initiated into Lafayette Commandery No. 7, K.T. at Hudson Friday evening.
--- Frederick Engel of Chatham was a Sunday guest of George W. Raughtmyer.
--- Charles O'Connor, the daring young assistant mail messenger stopped an unknown runaway horse Thursday morning.
--- The Rev. John A Bevington, rector of St. Pauls; church has been to New York for a brief visit.
--- Mr. And Mrs. Sheldon Norton are home from a protracted visit to their daughter at Carbondale, Penn.
--- Mrs. Juliette Cassidy was in Canada a week visiting relatives.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clark have removed to their farm near Schodack Landing.
--- Mrs. Sarah Martin and son Schuyler, who wintered in Albany have returned to their residence just vacated by Mr. Clark's family.
--- Mrs. Martha Couse has improved her residence on Chatham street by roofing and masonry work.
--- Miss Amelia Bauer has returned to Baltimore, Md for the summer.
--- Martin Brown has sold his team of road horses to Isaac Deams of Albany.
--- George Laherty has moved into apartments of the Baylis house on Albany avenue.
--- Mrs. E. A. Bedell gave a dinner at Cozy Corner Thursday evening at a small party of friends.
--- Services at St. Paul church were conducted by the Rev. Mr. Hathaway of Stockport, Sunday, in the absence of the Rev. John A. Bevington.
--- Miss Hattie Hover gave a pleasant card party Thursday evening at which her guests were Mr. And Mrs. Robert Van Deusen, Mrs. Benjamin Carson of Rensselaer, Mr. And Mrs. John G. Nink, Mrs. William C. Hover, Misses Lillian and Florence Hover, Miss Lillian Tinney, Messrs. Martin and Pinchard of Clermont, Raymond A. Winne and Arthur Raab. Refreshments were served and the party was a very enjoyable affair.
--- Gage & Merwin are installing a plumbing and water system for Edwin W. Mitchell at the farm of which he is manager at Stuyvesant.
--- The outside doors of Village Hall which swung into the vestibule and were a menace to life in case of a fire in the buildings when filled with people, were changed last week to swing out. This change has been contemplated a long while to conform to the law and insure public safety. The change was ordered by Trustee Strelbeck and the work was done by Edward Sharp.
--- John Nink has sold his lively bay road horse Major, to Isaac Dennis of Albany. Edward Trimper of the Nink painting force will not take a chance in riding in the front seat.
Mrs. Mary Voss, daughter Dorothy and Miss Anna Radloff were Sunday guests of Mrs. Charles F. Kittell at Troy.
--- George H Brown & Bro.'s garage is feeling the impetus of spring trade. They have on their floors a carload of E.M.F. and Flanders cars unloaded from the Albany & Southern, and a carload of Paterson five passenger cars from Stuyvesant. Harold C. Clapp and Richard M. Nelson are recent purchasers of Buick runabouts equipped with four---foot detachable bodies, very convenient for business. William Os?ra??? (Ostrander?), the florist of Mellenville, recently bought a five---passenger E.M.F. touring car fitted with Presto---Lite self---starting equipment, a wonderful attachment that has been tried out with perfect success.
--- Curtis F. Hoag and Samuel D. Boyce of Poughkeepsie, were Sunday guests at the Lindenwald hotel.
--- Mrs. Benjamin Carson and her two young sons of Rensselaer, have been visitors of her mother, Mrs. Anna Tinney.
--- F. Newton Hoag left town Monday to reside at Poughkeepsie.
--- Mr. And Mrs. Frank H. MacPherson of Hudson, spent Sunday with Mr. And Mrs. Frank S. Becker.
--- Mrs. Frank S. Hoag and son John, left for their new home in Poughkeepsie, Tuesday.

Germantown --- May 22, 1912
--- Deputy Sheriff Hover arrested a man in Germantown last Friday who was trying to "hock" a watch he had stolen in Hudson. The fellow said he was from Plattsburgh and wanted to get to New York. Word was sent to Chief Lane at Hudson and an officer was sent after the fellow. He was sent to the Albany penitentiary by Judge Whitbeck for sixty days.
--- Henry Brunning has purchased a fine horse from a New York party.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Worthy Fingar entertained company from Hudson Sunday.
--- Charles Wintenburgh, the well---known iron worker, has made some fine stair railings out of solid iron. Mr. Wintenburgh will be pleased to show any one the fine work he has made out of the iron.
--- Mrs. Herbert Hover has been quite ill.
--- Mr. and Mrs. William Ladue spent Sunday in Rhinebeck with Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Polis and family.
--- Philip Ford has another very fine colt.
--- William E. Boice, jr, spent Wednesday in Tivoli.
--- Morris Miller and Peter Fingar expect to bring their new autos home this week from Albany.
--- Deputy Sheriff Drumm of Hudson was in town Friday.
--- Alfred and Walter Lewis, the young men whom Officer Hover arrested one day last week for malicious mischief, were discharged Thursday by Justice Van Deusen of Livingston.
--- J.J. Hover has purchased a fine pair of oxen.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Elias Albreight and George Weeks of North Germantown, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weeks and family.
--- Mrs. John Bell, who has been very ill, is about the same.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Lester Potts entertained company, Sunday.
--- Reubin Fingar was in Coxsackie Saturday.
--- E.V. Couert of New York was in town one day last week.
--- William J. Ashley is having a steam heater put in his home.
--- Clarence Lasher has sold over one---half million cherry and grape baskets in town so far this year.
--- S.W. Lasher of New York, spent Sunday at home.
--- Garfield Moore has purchased a fine horse from H. Vogel of Kingston.
--- Mrs. Margaret Hover, who has been confined to the house the past winter with rheumatism, was able to be out one day last week.
--- Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Ash spent Saturday and Sunday at North Germantown with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shefer and family.
--- William Coons of Linlithgo, was in town Sunday.
--- Mrs. John Minch entertained company Saturday.
--- Frank Boice returned home Saturday, having been assisting his father---in---law with his work.
--- Attorney Erastus Coons was called to Hudson, Monday.

Livingston --- May 22, 1912
--- Mrs. Wilson Moore is entertaining her niece, Miss Eva Dickinson, of Hudson, for a couple of weeks.
--- Mrs. William Haynor is entertaining her father, Edward Kipp, of Greenport.
--- Mrs. J. L. Rowe and daughter Inez spent a few days last week in Hudson with Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Holsapple.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hamm and Mr. and Mrs. R. Magley were guests of Mrs. Rachel Coons at Elizaville Sunday.
--- Dr. C. T. Curtis is having a new front porch built on his house.
--- G. V. Lynk is making preparations to have an addition built on his house and a heater put in.
--- Mrs. L. Wagner is having her residence improved by putting in new windows and having a new front porch built.
--- Mrs. Marietta Patrie is improving her residence by giving it a fresh coat of paint.
--- Miss Ida C. Potts has a new touring car.
--- R. G. Patrie is a guest of his mother, Mrs. Marietta Patrie.
--- Mrs. Wilson Moore and Eva Dickenson, of Hudson, visited Mrs. Frank Hawver, Wednesday last.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Moore of Livingston and Miss Eva Dickenson, of Hudson were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Kells at Claverack, Saturday night and Sunday.
--- Miss Kathryn Rote of Hudson, spent a couple of days last week with her grandmother, Mrs. Margaret Rote.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rote and daughter Margurite and friend, Ed. Garrison and Kathryn Rote of Hudson were guests of Mrs. Margaret Rote, Sunday.

Manorton --- May 22, 1912
--- There will be an ice cream sale in the church parlors Thursday evening, May 30, (Decoration Day). Proceeds for the benefit of the Sunday school.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vosburgh are rejoicing over the arrival of a young son, born on the 16th.
--- If the weather permits, Rev. Mr. Lusty of Linlithgo, will preach in this place the coming Sunday.
--- Rev. and Mrs. Jones, Milton Jones and Miss Pauline Wright attended the convention in Hudson, Wednesday.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Will Moore and Master Willie Moore, spent Sunday in Madalin.
--- Rev. Mr. Jones will be away part of this week attending the conference in Saugerties.

Ghent --- May 22, 1912
--- This week Saturday Chatham plays ball here.
--- Miss Susan Cromie is visiting her father who is critically ill.
--- G. Anderson, the Mellenville florist, delivered flowers to Adam Kerner this week, also the County Alms House.
--- Herbert Plass is the possessor of a new automobile.
--- "Valley Farm," which was presented at the hall last Thursday night by Chatham talent, was largely attended and made a hit. The play was certainly cleverly presented.
Many from this place are planning to attend the drama, "More Sinned Against Than Sinning," to be presented on the evening of May 30 at the Chatham theatre by the Hudson Dramatic Club. The play made a big hit last week in Hudson and has fourteen characters in it.

Suydam --- May 22, 1912
--- Mrs. Mary Cronk and Mrs. Arthur Kline called at the home of Peter Decker Tuesday afternoon.
--- Mrs. Frank Van Hoesen and William Fingar passed through this place Wednesday en route for Mr. Van Hoesen's home, where Mr. Fingar will spend some time. He has been living with Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Thompkins for some time.
--- Aaron Scott and Griffen Kilmer spent Thursday out of town.
--- Aaron Scott has a new horse purchased this week.

Green River --- May 22, 1912
--- Mrs. Wickwire, of Sheffield, called on friends here one day last week.
--- Miss Blanche Almstead and Marguerite Arnold, of Chatham, and Floyd Almstead, of Alford, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Almstead.
--- Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Van Hoesen spent Sunday in North Hillsdale.
--- Miss Grace Sexton, of Pittsfield, was a Sunday guest of her parents.
--- Abel Demarch is having new floors laid in his house.
--- Mrs. Sarah Almstead, of Pittsfield, is visiting at Martin Shutt's.

Claverack --- May 22, 1912
--- The regular meeting of the Dutch Arms was held at the chapel, Tuesday evening. The change in the night was made to accommodate the speaker, Dr. Clifton, of Coxsackie, and the evening was one of pleasure.
--- The hour of meeting of the Y.P.S. C. E. has been changed from 6:45 to 7:45 o'clock.
The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be observed one week from Sunday. Prepatory service will be held next Sunday morning. The pastor will be at home on Thursday afternoon to confer with any one on the subject of religion. Infant baptism will be deferred until Children's Day.
--- The Memorial Day exercises will be held at the cemetery at 10 o'clock when Dr. will make an address. If the day proves to be stormy, the service will be held at the church.
--- Rev. Herman Hageman attended the Mt. Dora Sunday School, Sunday afternoon.
--- Miss Lizzie Van Vleck has opened her home on Maple Avenue, after spending the winter with her sister, Mrs. Fred Van Tassel, at Humphreyville.
--- Mrs. John Deming and Daughter, Mrs. Laura Walker, will leave on Wednesday from Ottawa, Canada, where they will spend several weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Deming.
George Martin of New Haven, Conn., is visiting his sisters, Mrs. William Brownell and Miss Julia Martin.
--- Miss Florence Seipel of Greenport spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Seipel.
--- Mrs. Elbert Van Deusen and children of Hollowville, spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Myers.
--- Walter Montross and family of Hudson spend Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Murvin Becker.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Kells entertained company, Sunday.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shook of Hudson, were Sunday guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Addison Decker.
--- Mrs. Sickles of Clinton Corners, is visiting her son, Edgar Stickles and family.
--- Mrs. George Ostrander is seriously ill at her home on North Church street.
--- Miss Julia Patzwahl of Hudson, spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Patzwahl.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Stickles and Mrs. Wilbur Miller attended the funeral of Mrs. John Best at Churchtown Sunday.
--- At the meeting of the Grange, Friday evening and interesting discussion was conducted by Miss Emma Voelpel and Lawrence Esselstyn, on the subject "Which is the more profitable, selling milk or making butter?" Piano solos by Miss Harriet Mesick and Miss Voelpel were much enjoyed.
--- Lincoln Studley of Pittsfield, Mass was a Sunday guest of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Albert Studley.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Randall N Saunders of Athens spent Saturday and Sunday with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Saunders

North Chatham --- May 22, 1912
--- Mr. and Mrs. George Wheeler of North Chatham, who have been guests of Mrs. Wheeler's parents, Mr. And Mrs. William H. Newtown of Ballston Spa, have returned home. Mrs. Newtown accompanied them for a short visit. Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler will, after May 20, remove to Rensselaer.
--- Mable Barringer of Kinderhook is visiting her sister Mrs. Hogie.
--- H. Acroyd and family are at Mrs. K Kingman's boarding house while awaiting for the completion of their home by the carpenters, masons and painters.
--- Miss Emily Phelps removed to Niverville last week and is occupying part of the house in which her niece, Mrs. R Eldridge resides.
--- Woodchucks are getting domesticated in this village. Sunday, Mrs. Herron heard a tapping on the front porch and upon investigation found a woodchuck, but Mr. Germond's dog soon made a finish of him.

Taghkanic --- May 22, 1912
--- Miss May Rockerfeller has been hired to teach school for the coming year.
--- Miss Bessie Merrifield visited Mrs. Henry Tunner from Friday afternoon until Sunday.
--- Miss Grace Hawyer and Rensselaer Bush of West Taghkanic, visited Miss Georgiana Dunbar last Saturday afternoon.

Ghent --- June 26, 1912
--- Miss Ula Downing called in this village Sunday.
--- Herbert Rosencrantz and family are visiting Ernest Stupplebeen.
--- Miss Mildred T. Morehouse of Springfield, Mass, is visiting at Mrs. Alden Melius'.
--- Mrs. Frank Wiltsie of Voorheesville, has been visiting about town.
--- Miss Charlotte Tracy is suffering from a badly sprained ankle.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Frank McConnell are spending a few days in town.
--- Marry Devoe and family made a trip to Niverville and surrounding country in his auto, Sunday.
--- Miss Mabel Wager has returned to the Samaritan hospital, Troy, for treatment to her foot, which was operated on some time ago.
--- A strawberry festival will be held at the Reformed church next Friday evening, the 28th. Ice cream will be served,; first table at 5:30 p.m. Tickets, 25 cents.
--- The Children's Day exercise, which were held last Sunday evening, in the Reformed church, were excellently rendered before a large attendance. The church was beautifully decorated and a nice exercise given here.
--- Ghent was well represented at Spencertown Saturday, it being a field day there and a ball game, which was won by Ghent.
--- It is said two ball games will be played here the Fourth of July, an exhibition game in the forenoon with an out of town team, and a scheduled league game in the afternoon.
--- Mrs. Theodore Van Valkenburgh of Niverville, is visiting at her son Norman in the village.
--- Roscoe Blashfield, Catherine Harder, Clarence Warfield, Lydia Kerner, Frank Gaddie and Edith Kerner spent a few days at Copake Lake at the Warfield cottage, last week.
--- Mrs. Henry Cornell of Hillsdale, spent Wednesday with Mrs. Harold Teator.
--- Adam Kerner has sold his farm to New York parties.
--- Little Henry Pulver, son of Harry Pulver, celebrated his fourth birthday last week. Grandma Wheeler of Pittsfield, gave him a party, which he and Grandma Pulver and Mrs. William Ostrander attended last Tuesday.
--- Mrs. Scott of Philmont visited Mrs. John Spaulding in the lower village Sunday.
--- Mr. and Mrs. K. Kisselburg took Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. James Welch in Chatham.
--- Mr. and Mrs. William Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Shult were invited to Fairview, in West Ghent Sunday in honor of Mrs. Shults's birthday. Dinner and tea were served with all the delicacies of the season, and a most enjoyable day spent.
--- S. D. Dowling is spending a few days in Pittsfield visiting friends.
--- Mrs. George I. Van Valkenburgh spent the past week at William Fisher's at the depot.
--- Mrs. Annie Vincent visited her daughter, Mrs. Carl Stewerwald, a few days last week.
--- Mrs. And Mrs. Cornelius Miller took tea at Hill Top Saturday evening.

Livingston --- June 26, 1912
--- Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hawver of Churchtown, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Moore, Sunday.
--- Mrs. Margaret Rote is entertaining her sister, Mrs. Helen Munkitrick of Hudson.
--- Miss Lela Stickles entertained Jennie Decker of Blue Store Saturday and Sunday.
--- Mrs. Florentz Gasser of Blue Store was a guest of Mrs. Louis Betts, Tuesday last.
--- Louis Geroldsek and sister, Frances and Mrs. Stolp of Pine Plains were guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Van Deusen, Wednesday.
--- Nellie Stickles spent a few days last week with Mrs. Jonas Haynor.
--- Mrs. James Walker of Glenco, was a guest of her mother, Mrs. Margaret Rote, Thursday afternoon.
--- Mrs. William Haynor and Mrs. Wilson Moore enjoyed an auto ride to Hudson Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hamm.
--- Charles Lynk of Blue Store, called on Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stickles, Sunday afternoon.
--- Sidney Kells of Claverack and Harry Kells of Hudson, called on Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Moore, Sunday afternoon.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coons of Manorton, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Widley, Sunday.
--- Mrs. Lucelia Rowe, who has been spending some time at J.L. Rowe's returned to her home at Catskill, last week.
--- Mrs. A. M. Hodskins called on Mrs. Sidney Kells at Claverack, Wednesday last.
--- Mrs. John Kells returned home last week after spending some time with her daughter in Hudson.
--- Mr. and Mrs. John Stickles of Churchtown, were guests of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Haynor, Sunday afternoon.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hawyer of Churchtown were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Moore, Sunday.
--- Ernest Hamm, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Rowe and daughter Inez and Miss Estella Smith spent Sunday with friends in Chatham.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Eitleman entertained callers from Claverack Sunday afternoon.
--- Mr. and Mrs. John H. Stickles of Churchtown were guests of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Haynor Sunday afternoon.
--- Miss Charlotte Carhart spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. Frank Hallenbeck at Greenport.
--- Mrs. James Van Deusen entertained relatives from Pine Plains one day last week.
--- The W. C. T. U. will meet at the church Saturday at 2:30 p.m. The L. T. L. is requested to meet at the same time.

Martindale --- July 25, 1912
--- Clarence Warfield and Miss Alida Kerner of Ghent were Sunday guests at the home of J. C. Warfield.
--- Rev. F.W. Tholen and son Freddie are spending a two week's vacation at Lynnfield, Mass.
--- Mrs. Spencer and son Lyle of Washington Heights, are visiting Mrs. John Looker.
--- Clyde Hunt of North Hillsdale was a Sunday guest at the home of his aunt, Mrs. E.C. Palmer.
--- Mrs. Abraham Shutts and Miss Frances Shutts of Craryville spent Sunday with their son and brother J. Fred Shutts.
--- Mrs. Kirkwood and son of New York are visiting Rev. and Mrs. P.H. Clifford.
--- Miss Bertha Shutts spent a portion of last week in Copake Falls the guest of her brother Ray Shutts and family.
--- Frank Warfield and family, Miss May Warfield and Miss Blanche Simmons went to Austerlitz last week where they will engage in picking huckleberries.
--- Miss Ruth Edwards recently visited her friend Miss Clara Leavy.
--- The Ladies Helping Hand society will hold a fair and festival at the home of James T. White, Saturday afternoon and evening, July 27. Proceeds for the Lulu Thorley Lyons Home.
--- Rev. P. H. Clifford occupied the pulpit Sunday and gave a very interesting and instructive sermon.
--- Mrs. Shafer and daughters of Albany are visiting at the home of John Snow.
--- Mrs. E. Ham and Mrs. E. C. Palmer spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. David Taylor.
--- Herbert Duffy and Gordon Van Kuren spent Saturday evening in Hudson.
--- George Wortz and family, with a party of neighbors spent Saturday on the huckleberry mountain in Austerlitz.
--- An auto party of four young ladies of Pine Plains, called on their friend Mrs. R. W. Tholen, Saturday.
--- Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Edwards entertained over Sunday guests from out of town.
Wallace Hall and family of Colebrook, Conn are visiting the former's sister, Mrs. Thomas Edwards.

Green River --- July 25, 1912
--- Alexander Bills, Sr. died last Monday. His funeral was held at 10 o'clock Wednesday at his late home, Rev. J. J. Hurley of Great Barrington, officiating.
--- Mrs. Delia Crandell of Springfield, is spending an indefinite time with Mrs. John Gillmore.
--- Fred Bills and daughter of Pittsfield returned home Sunday after spending a few days with friends in town.
--- Frank Fitzpatrick of Pittsfield was a Sunday guest of his father.
--- Florence and May Nalty of Great Barrington are spending some time with their grandparents.
--- Mrs. Albert Westover spent Thursday with Mrs. William Van Hoesen.
--- Amos Bills and Abel Demarch went to Torrington Sunday to attend the funeral of their nephew.

Hillsdale --- July 25, 1912
--- Miss Jessie Mitchell who has been for the past year at Syracuse is spending a two months vacation at her home here.
--- Sunday morning the sad news was told of the death of Mrs. William Coon. Mrs. Coon had lived nearly all her life in this village and none knew her but to love her. Her many kind acts of mercy and her loving thought of mankind, had endeared her to all. The world was made better by her having passed through. Mrs. Coon was 74 year of age. The funeral was held Wednesday at 1:30 o'clock from the M.E. church, of which she was a devoted member. Rev. C. S. Oakley officiated.
--- George M. Bullock of Canaan, was the guest on Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Herrington.
Mrs. A. Fellows and Miss Charlotte Oakley, who have been visiting at Chatham returned home Monday.
--- The Misses Woodin of Great Barrington are the guests of Miss Blanche Robinson.
--- Miss Gloria Bristol is having a new porch built, much improving her house.
--- There was a quiet wedding in the M.E. church Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, when Lola, the only daughter of Mrs. Libbie Rowe was married to Ira De Lamuter. Only a few intimate friends were present. The happy couple left amid rice and good wishes for a trip to Niagara Falls and the eastern coast.
--- Mrs. Ed. Drumm, who has been very ill in New York, has returned to her home in this village much improved in health.
--- Mrs. H. L. Coon who has been spent the past five weeks visiting in Chicago, returned home Saturday.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Vosburgh of Waterbury, Conn. are guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Zeh.
--- Mrs. J. P. O'Neal, a former resident of this village, is critically ill at her home in Rutland, Vt.
--- H. H. Coon of Hartford, Conn was a Sunday guest at his home here.
--- Mrs. William Avery of Albany is spending several days with her uncle, William Coon.
--- Miss Bessie Peck of North Chatham is spending some time with her cousin, Mrs. Julia Murray.
--- Miss Katherine Becker is visiting in Springfield, Mass.
--- Rev. C. S. Oakley spent a few days last week with his parents in Yonkers.
--- Miss May Senigo of New York, is spending the summer with her aunt, Mrs. George Mitchell.
--- Mrs. H. L. Donahoe of Albany, is the guest of Mrs. C. C. Barclay.
--- Mrs. Bertha Hart of Waterbury, Conn., is visiting Mrs. L. E. Perkins.
--- Miss Anna Logan is entertaining her friend, Miss Lois Mitchell, of Brooklyn.
--- Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Zeh took and auto trip to Waterbury, Conn., Saturday last. They returned Sunday, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Vosburgh who will spend a few weeks here.
--- Mrs. And Mrs. John Stevenson of Jefferson, Iowa, are guests of their daughter, Mrs. Cecil D. Barclay.
--- Mrs. H. L. Coon, who has been visiting her daughter in Chicago for a month past, returned Saturday.
--- Miss Etta Smith is visiting in East Hartford, Conn.
--- The Misses Marion and Constance Stockwell, of Irvington, are visiting their grandmother, Mrs. F. J. Brusie.
--- Leonard Johnson of Pittsfield, is spending a two months vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson.
--- Mrs. Joseph Kline and four children, of New York, are guests at the Mount Washington House.
--- Mrs. Gilbert Hunt and Miss Grace Hunt, took a trip to Rensselaer last week.
--- Horace Fish of New York is again stopping at the Mount Washington House after a two weeks stay in the city.
--- The Misses Wood of Great Barrington, Mass., are guests of Mrs. J. D. Bell and Miss Blanche Robinson.
--- Mrs. DeBell and daughter Olive, of Norwalk, Conn., are spending some time at Gilbert Hunt's.

Nevis --- July 31, 1912
--- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Coons of Brooklyn visited the former's father, Allen Coon, Sunday.
--- Miss Mildred Coon spent last week at the guest of Miss Ruth Carroll of Red Hook.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fingar and son Charles, of Hudson, called on the former's mother, Mrs. R. Fingar, Sunday afternoon.
--- Mrs. Mary R. Stall returned home after spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. H. Plass, of Red Hook.
--- Nearly all the farmers in this vicinity have finished harvest.
--- Miss Lillian Fingar has been spending some time with Mrs. Edward Smith of Germantown.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stall, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Teats, of Clermont, motored through Catskill and surrounding towns Sunday.
--- The autobus which daily passes through here from Hudson, enroute to Red Hook, was crowded with passengers Sunday afternoon.
--- Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Coon and daughter Myrtle and the Misses Ledia and Laura Vosburgh motored to Claverack Friday evening and called on Benjamin Mesick and family.
--- Miss Pauline Clarkson has turned her farm into a "Fresh Air Home" for the benefit of a number of New York city children. They are under the care of Miss Jean Knapp.
--- Miss Bessie Boice an Ancram, is visiting at the home of M. E. Teator and family.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Pulver of Red Hook, visited the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Hunt, Sunday.

Copake --- July 31, 1912
--- Mrs. C. Valentine and daughter of Yonkers are visiting her sister, Mrs. ?. W. Rossman.
District Superintendent Wilson reached and interesting sermon in the M. E. church Sunday.
--- Miss Helen Frederick and sister of Hudson, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. ?arry Bain.
Dr. Skinner is entertaining his sister from Hoosic Falls.
--- Mr. and Mrs. George Magley are visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. ??rks Makley.
--- A Larkin club, consisting of members from this place, held a picnic at Electric Park Tuesday of this week.
--- Mrs. W. Waterbury is visiting her mother, Mrs. Etta Shaver.
--- Mrs. Flynn of Stockbridge was in town Sunday.

Martindale --- July 31, 1912
--- A very interesting address was given the C.E. society by Miss Grieves, Sunday evening, on her own experience as a missionary in India.
--- Miss Isa Palmer and Miss Elsie Brown spent last week in Austerlitz.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Allen Rossman of Chicago are visiting the former's mother, Mrs. Irene Rossman.
--- Miss Alice Bell of Ghent and Harold Bell of Watertown were Sunday guests of their sister, Mrs. Guy W. Michael.
--- Mrs. Kirkwood and son of New York, returned home Saturday after spending a week with Rev. and Mrs. P.H. Clifford.
--- Miss Marjory M. Johns has been spending a short time with friends in Copake.
--- Stanley Palmer had the misfortune to hurt his hip last Saturday while busy in harvest.
--- Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Cannon of Hillsdale were Sunday guests of their daughter, Mrs. J. Fred Shutts.
--- A large crowd attended the fair and festival at James White's Saturday night, which was held for the benefit of the Crippled children.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Ray Shutts and little daughter of Copake Falls, spent Sunday with the former's parents, Mr and Mrs. John Shutts.
--- Allen Warfield of Brooklyn, is spending a few days at the home of his uncle, J.C. Warfield.
--- Earl S. Palmer has returned home after a few weeks absence in Pennsylvania.

Martindale --- Aug 29, 1912
--- Miss Mabel Boice of Ghent was a recent guest of her friends, Misses Bertha and May Warfield.
--- A social for the benefit of the W. C. T. U. will be held at the home of George Decker, Saturday evening, August 31.
--- Mrs. B. Hallenbeck and daughter of Yonkers, are visiting at the home of E. Ham.
--- Rev. P. H. Clifford and family returned to their home in Brooklyn Saturday, after spending the summer here on the Koonz farm.
--- Mrs. Fred Andrews and children of Falls Village were recent guests of he sister, Mrs. Guy W. Michael.
--- Miss Schering and friend of New York are spending some time at the home of John Shutts.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shutts and Rev. and Mrs. F. W. Tholen recently enjoyed and auto trip to Lebanon and vicinity.
--- John Walters and family spent Sunday at the home of George Wortz.
--- Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Michael and daughter M. Gretchen left last Thursday for Niagara Falls where they will spend a few days. On their return trip they will visit friends at Tully and Troy.
--- Mrs. Mary Spaid and Mrs. Mary Miller of Hillsdale are visiting Mrs. Spaid's daughter, Mrs. Allen Clapper, at Fonda.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Winters enjoyed the excursion to Saratoga last Thursday.

Elizaville --- Aug 29, 1912
--- Miss Edna Bathrick and Miss Hazel Thomson have been visiting Miss Marguerite Moore.
--- Several from this place attended the ball game at Red Hook, Saturday.
--- Mrs. William Wright was in Poughkeepsie, Monday.
--- Miss Marguerite Moore is visiting her cousin, Lincoln Coons, at Livingston.
--- The clam bake was a decided success financially.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Coons and son Paul, are visiting Mr. Coons' son, Westlake Coons at Ellenville.
--- Mrs. Sands Shook visited Red Hook, Monday.
Mrs. Emma Jeffers and daughter Etta, of Hudson, have been visiting relatives here.

Linlithgo --- Aug 29, 1912
--- Allen Temple and family returned to their home in Union Hill, N.J., Sunday, after spending several weeks with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Truman Temple.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Luther Myers of Scotia, were the guests of Mr. And Mrs. Seaman Rightmyer, last week.
--- The Germantown boys were to play a game with some outside team Saturday, but the latter could not come. The Cadets of this place were willing to try them a game and won the game by one run, the score being 5 to 6.
--- E. L. Dingman is getting his cellar ready for a heater by putting in a concrete floor and steps. He also put steps by the store.

Churchtown --- Aug 29, 1912
--- Mrs. Jordan Miller and Mrs. Susan Waldorph called on Mrs. A. Bortley Saturday afternoon.
--- Mrs. Malinda Sheldon entertained a number of friends at her home on Friday.
--- Miss Helen Snyder of Philmont, is visiting Mrs. Malinda Sheldon.

Copake --- September 18, 1912
--- Miss Ella Miller of Hudson, spent Sunday with Clara Hallenbeck.
--- Mr. and Mrs. William Dinehart and two children spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Harry Bain.
--- H. Hansen of New York is boarding at the Miller House.
--- J.L. Hedges and S. A. McIntyre were in Hudson Monday.
--- E.L. Tiffany of Syracuse gave a lecture in the M.E. church on temperance Monday evening.
--- Mrs. Betsy Sherman, who had been very feeble for some time, died Friday, September 15 at the home of her son Frank Sherman. Funeral was held on Monday. She will be greatly missed by her many friends and relatives.
--- Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Scott attended the State fair at Syracuse last week.

Suydam --- September 18, 1912
--- Frank Hawver and sister Grace of West Taghkanic, spent last Tuesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Leon Robinson.
--- Lester Bashford of Hollowville passed through this place recently.
--- Joseph Burger was in West Taghkanic Thursday evening.
--- Mrs. Elson Cronk has returned home from a visit to Hyde Park Mrs. Theodore Blass and Miss Goldie Parsons of Ancram, Mrs. Elizabeth Graves, Mrs. A.J. Margin and son John, of this place spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. Luella F. Robinson.

North Chatham --- September 18, 1912
--- Mr. And Mrs. J. Walker have returned form their wedding tour. The boys celebrated the event by serenading them with pans, horns, etc.
--- Donald Ring and Harold Johnson are attending the Albany High School.
--- Mrs. Henrietta Smith of Canada, is visiting Mrs. K. Kingman.
--- Miss Ida Van Hoesen is visiting at Mrs. I. H. Vedder's.
--- Miss Camelia Treadwell of New York, is at Mrs. George L. Larrabee's.
--- Fred Hilzinger, who has been visiting friends at Esperance, returned home Sunday much improved in health.
--- Mrs. S. Biggs, who has been visiting at Mrs. Kingman's, left Saturday for a visit with friends at Hudson.

Red Rock --- September 18, 1912
--- Miss Caroline M. Jenkins has been engaged to teach at the Berkshire Industrial School.
--- Miss Crimmins has given her cottage a coat of white paint.
--- Thaddeus W. Park of Hartwick, Vt., who has been ill with typhoid, arrived at the home of his mother, Mrs. J.D. Park, Sunday evening.
--- Miss Edna Park left Tuesday for her new duties in the Northern Institution for the Deaf at Malone.
--- W. Pitcher and son commenced sawing on a wood job in Spencertown, Monday.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson and family, started last week for their new home in Elizabethtown, N.J.

Martindale --- September 18, 1912
--- Mrs. Jennie Miller spent Saturday with Mrs. James McCracken.
--- A chicken pie supper will be held at the parsonage Wednesday evening., Sept 25, for the benefit of the church. A good time and supper will be in store for every one that attends.
--- Frank Warfield and family were Sunday guests of friends in Austerlitz.
--- Miss Elsie Brown has gone to New York, where she will remain an indefinite time.
--- School opened Wednesday morning in District No 11 with Miss Blanch Simmons as teacher.
--- Mr. And Mrs. Thomas Edwards spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. A. Schultis, in Knapp Hollow.
--- Miss Jessie Wilson of Philmont, was a Sunday guest of the Misses Warfield.
--- Earl S. Palmer returned to Colgate University Wednesday, where he will resume his studies.
--- John Walters has sold his farm to Arthur Vedder of Philmont, who will take possession October 1. Mr. Walters will have an auction Saturday, Sept 21 after which he will move to Philmont.
--- F. E. Michael spent Monday in Hudson.
--- Roy Shutts of Copake Falls, was a Saturday guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Shutts.
--- There was a mistake made in the items last week in regard to the officers of the C. E. society. Marshall Miller was elected president; Miss Elsie Brown, vice president; Mrs. Thomas Edwards secretary; Miss Isa Palmer, treasurer.

Gallatinville --- September 18, 1912
--- Miss Mary Brenzel of Livingston is visiting friends in this place.
--- Mrs. William Bradley spent Thursday with Mrs. Fred Loucke.
--- Mrs. Norman Weaver and Mrs. Mary Hinsdale spent Saturday with Mrs. Couse at Cokertown.
--- William Knickerbocker and sons Earl and Lee, and Rossman Hamm attended the ball game at Philmont Saturday.
--- Mrs. and Mrs. Walter Funk have returned after a week's visit with their son at White Plains.
--- Miss Nellie Buerman and Miss Mary Brenzel spent Monday afternoon with Miss Nellie Brandt.

Ancram Lead Mines --- September 18, 1912
--- William Silvernail and family visited in Millerton this week.
--- Mrs. Willard Smith and daughter, Florence, of Millerton, spent a day recently with her mother, Mrs. William Dean.
--- Miss Katie Green, who has been spending a few weeks with her aunt at Mount Ross, returned home Friday.
--- Mrs. M. L. Tripp was at Poughkeepsie, Saturday.
--- Willard Brothers was in Millerton, Friday.
--- Mrs. Lilly Pulver and children who have been spending some time at Millerton, returned home Friday.
--- Asa Hoag has bought a number of fine cows, which he has for sale.

Green River --- September 18, 1912
--- School opened Monday with Miss Varney as teacher.
--- J.B. Westover is in a very feeble condition.
--- Harry Gleason and family, of Red Rock, spent Sunday at Wm. Rowe's.
--- Patrick Fitzpatrick is in the hospital at Pittsfield, being treated for cancer.
--- It is rumored that Peter Demarch has taken position as coachman at the Quigg place.
--- Mrs. Carrie Blashfield, of Ghent is spending some time with her parents.
--- Miss Carrie Rowe is spending some time in Foxboro.

Hudson --- Sept 25, 1912
Wesley Cure, of this city, is visiting in Germantown.
--- Paul Henry, of New York city is visiting at his home here.
--- Charles Hermance, of Saratoga Spa, is spending a few days in this city.
--- Miss Alice Dowd, of Rensselaer, spent the day in town with friends.
--- John Cruise the local hatter, has returned from a business trip to New York.
--- Charles Secor is about the streets again after experiencing a slight attack of appendicitis.
--- Mrs. Charles Van Scholck of Schenectady, is a guest of Mrs. William J Kline, on upper Warren Street.
--- Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilson left yesterday in their auto for New York city, where they will spend a week.
--- Donald Bame, formerly connected with the Warren theatre, has accepted the position of operator at the Star theatre.
--- Michael Hoctor, a former Hudsonian who recently sold his hotel at Pleasant Valley, Dutchess county, has moved to Poughkeepsie.
--- Mayor Louis Van Hoesen, J. Harold Wardle and Roy Bates of this city have left for Montreal, Canada. They will enjoy a hunting trip in that vicinity.
--- Mrs. William F. Franklin, wife of the editor and publisher of the Coxsackie Union is very ill at her home in Coxsackie. She was formerly a resident of Hudson.
--- Fenton Brandow goes to Philmont where he will locate for a while working the town and surrounding country for the Grand Union Tea Co. establishing new routes and looking after their business.
--- Mr. and Mrs. S Graves from Bridgeport, Conn are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. J Cohen on North Fourth street. Mr. Graves is a diamond broker in Bridgeport and made the trip here in his automobile.

Martindale --- Sept 25, 1912
--- Rev. and Mrs. F W Tholen are entertaining friends form Brooklyn.
--- Guy Hunt of Copake Lake was a Sunday guest of Stanley Palmer.
--- Rev. Mr. Ross of Chatham gave the Brotherhood a very interesting and instructive lecture Monday evening in the church.
--- Orville Warfield of Brooklyn, is visiting friends in this place.
--- Elbert H. Michael of Troy, was a Sunday guest of his brother, F. E. Michael.
--- Miss Blanche Chapin of Pittsfield, is visiting at the home of Mrs. E. C. Palmer.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. Michael spent Sunday with Miller Wilkinson and family in West Copake.

Humphreyville --- October 6, 1912
--- Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Delamater spent Thursday at Athens.
--- Mrs. Elizabeth Maize called on her sister Mrs. Richard Palmatier at Glenco, Friday afternoon.
--- Mrs. Norman Fries has been spending a few days at Claverack.
--- Mrs. Annie Eitleman and Andrew Spath and family of Hudson, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Newman.
--- Mrs. Malinda Sheldon and Samuel Miller of Churchtown, spent Sunday with Mrs. Phoebe Miller.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bratton and children of Williamstown, Mass were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hamm, last week.
--- The Misses Eloise Duntz, Mabel Delamater and Minnie Coons spent Thursday afternoon at the Bathrick home.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hamm of Hudson were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Delamater.
--- Mrs. F Almstead, Mrs. Fanny Neeland of Mellenville and Mrs. Parslow of Hudson, were Sunday guests of Miss Christina Plass.

Martindale --- October 6, 1912
--- Mrs. Hall, of Colebrook, Conn is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Thomas Edwards.
--- Mrs. John Looker has returned home from Brooklyn and Philadelphia where she has been visiting friends.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. Michael went to Albany Saturday and attended the funeral of Mrs. Michaels's uncle, Willis A Winne.
--- E. Yorck and family were Sunday guests at the home of J.C. Warfield.

Silvernails --- October 6, 1912
--- The Misses Frances and Grace Hinsdale spent Sunday with C.J. Hinsdale and family at Glenco Mills.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Pultz and daughter of Bulls Head spent Sunday at William Van Allen's.
--- Mrs. H.C. Tripp and Louis R. Smith spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Smith at Blue Store.
--- William Wheeler of Ancram spent Sunday at J. Phillips' home.
--- Kathryn Bartholf of Pine Plains, spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.Y. Bartholf.
--- Berton D. Proper and mother, Mrs. Weaver of Suydam, spent Sunday at S. H. Bruce's
--- Berton Finkle and Van Ness Lyle of West Copake spent Sunday at H.V. Lyle's.
--- Foster Wirehouse has just purchased a fine new Indianmotor cycle. Look out for Foster now.

Columbiaville --- October 6, 1912
--- Mrs. Jane Harder and Mrs. Thomas Heaps accompanied Mrs. Jones as far as New York City. Mrs. Jones is from England, but before her return home she expects to spend some time at Boston, Mass.
--- Miss Anna Brandt spent Sunday with her cousins, the Misses Ella and May Brandt, at Stuyvesant Falls.
--- Miss Satie Roden, who recently underwent an operation for appendicitis at St. Peter's Hospital, Albany, returned to her home Friday.
--- Mrs. Ferry and daughter Iva, of Watervilet are guests of the former's sister, Mrs. John Moffit.
--- Mrs. R.A. McQuillan entertained her nephew John McQuillan of Albany, the past week.

Valatie --- October 9, 1912
--- G.A. Koos of Brooklyn, formerly of this village is going to give the Presbyterian church of this village an endowment fund of $5,000 to be known as the Howard Lester Koos Memorial fund, in honor of his son, Howard Lester Koos, deceased.
--- Mrs. H. Robinson will entertain the Ladies Sewing circle of the Presbyterian church, Thursday afternoon.
--- S. Liepshuts has partially sold to the Chicago Outlet company his store in this village.
--- Last Thursday, October 3, was the last day that Collector A.V.A. Becker received school taxes at 1 percent. From now out the taxes will be collected at 5 per cent.
--- John Huyck and A. Clapp of Philmont were Sunday guests in this village.
--- Hugh Canny of Fall River, Mass spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. M. Canny.
--- Miss R. Harrison of Albany, spent Sunday at H.A. Jackson's.
--- Mr. And Mrs. Charles Van Hoesen of Schenectady, were guests Sunday of Mrs. Van Hoesen's mother, Mrs. M. Van Dyck.
--- Mrs. M. Flansburgh has returned home after four weeks visit in Gloversville.
--- Mrs. H. Brooker of Gloversville, was a Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Hapeman.
--- C. [Clarence] Smith, E. Van Buren and F. Sharp attended the world series ball games at New York city this week.
--- B Liepshutz and family and Joseph Liepshutz of Pittsfield spent Sunday with his parents here.
--- Mrs. Louisa Van de Bogart, aged 92 years, and for 8 years a resident of this village, died at her home on Diamond Street last Wednesday evening after a short illness. Mrs. Van de Bogart was born in Claverack, May 15, 1820 and when 12 years of age came to Valatie with her parents and has lived here up to her death. The deceased was a highly respected and Christian lady being a member of the M.E. church. She was buried in Prospect Hill cemetery, Saturday afternoon, Rev. W.C. Heisler officiating. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. C. Plass of Valatie, two sons, William H. of Valatie and Frank of West Lebanon.

Hudson --- October 6, 1912
--- Mrs. Frederick Engel of Chatham was a Sunday guest of her brother, George W. Raughtmyer.
--- Letters are advertised for Michael Sullivan, Joseph Kelly, James Keefe and John Grogan.
Mr. and Mrs. John Nink spent Sunday with Mrs. James Gibbons at Stottville.
--- Mrs. Anna Radloff is entertaining Mrs. Charles Radloff and children of Saugerties.
--- Miss Caroline Bedell has returned to New York after spending a few days at Cozy Corner.
--- The Girl's Guild met at the home of Miss Duff Saturday and elected officers for the ensuing year. Marjorie Palmer was chosen President; Helen Snyder, vice president; Anna Loiser, secretary and Jennie Griffin, treasurer.
--- The brick cottage which William Shufelt recently bought on Hudson street presents a very ornamental appearance since a bay window and two spacious verandas have been built on and the building has been repainted. Edward Sharp did the carpenter work and the painting was done by Henry Krelberg.
--- Mrs. James Hogan and sons of Albany, were Sunday guests of her sister, Mrs. Jeremiah Scully.
--- Miss Jessie Hess of Valatie was a Sunday guest of Miss Jennie M. Gress.
--- The material for construction of the Nassau Co---Operative telephone has arrived and Raymond A. Winne is assisting Dr. Stark of Chatham in putting up the line.
--- Jay C. Merwin is in New York this week attending the ball game.
--- Mrs. Ida Bradley is spending a short vacation at Hyde Park.
--- Gage & Merwin are installing a new boiler in the heating system at Miss Anna Van Schaack's residence.
--- Dr. F. E. Dominick has changed the name of the Kinderhook hotel which will now be know as the Kinderhook Inn.

Martindale --- Oct 30, 1912
--- Mr. and Mrs. W. H. DeWitt Bell, of Ghent, were Sunday guests of their daughter Mrs. Guy W. Michael.
--- Miss Luella Hall of Colebrook, Conn, who is visiting her sister, Mrs. Thomas Edwards, entertained over Sunday her friend, Harry Shaylor of Amenia.
--- Frank Warfield, while in Hudson last Saturday on business, had the misfortune to have a heavy wagon back against his vehicle, completely demolishing one of the wheels.
--- L.A. Michael of Troy, was a guest at the home of his brother, F.E. Michael one day last week.
--- A pumpkin pie social for the benefit of the church will be held at the home of C. Ham, Wednesday evening, November 6.
--- Thomas Edwards has sold his farm to Mr. Allen of Chicago, who takes possession November 1. Mr. Edwards and family are moving on the Jacobia farm.
--- Mrs. Kathryn Barnard, Master Abram Barnard and Miss Evelyn Boacher of Claverack, were Sunday guests at the home of F.E. Michael.
--- School has closed in District No 11 owing to the ill health of the teacher, Miss Blanche Simmons.
--- Mrs. Jennie Miller has returned from Schenectady and moved into rooms owned by Mrs. J. W. Tays
--- Rev. and Mrs. J. H. McGahen of Tully, N.Y. have been spending the past week with friends in this place, and Sunday morning the pulpit was occupied by Rev. Mr. McGahan, who delivered one of his old---time sermons that was most thoroughly enjoyed by all present, among them being a number of his old friends who welcomed him twenty---nine years ago to the church as pastor.
--- Clark Ham of Pittsfield, Mass, was a Sunday guest of his parents, Mr. And Mrs. E. Ham
--- Mrs. Alice Pomeroy of Pittsfield, Mass, is calling on friends in this place.
--- The chicken pie supper held at the home of Mrs. J. W. Tays last Tuesday evening was well attended. The proceeds were $21.

Valatie --- Oct 30, 1912
--- Thomas Agar, a highly respected resident of Valatie, died at his late residence on Luther street, Saturday afternoon at the age of 71 years. Friday afternoon, Mr. Agar sustained a stroke, which caused his death.  He was born in 1841 in Wexford county, Ireland, and came to the country, locating in Wesley, Ill, in 1866 and married Miss Laura Cooper of that city. In 1892 he moved to Valatie and has lived here up to death.  He is survived by a widow, three sons and two daughters, one brother, one sister and twenty---nine grandchildren, Herman of Valatie, Justus of Albany, Harry of Schodack Landing, Lillian and Elizabeth, both of Valatie, Israel and Margaret of Ireland, Ruth and Paul Wesley of this village. He was buried Monday in Prospect Hill cemetery, Rev. G. D. Strall of St. Lukes' Luthern church officiating.
--- At the meeting Thursday evening of the Independent Campaign club, business of importance was transacted, refreshments as usual were served and a special meeting for Saturday evening, November 2, was called.
--- Mrs. Irene Kipp has gone to Stillwater to spend the winter with her grandparents.
--- Mrs. C.C. New has returned from the Albany hospital where she underwent a successful operation.
--- Mrs. T.F. Trimble and daughter of Scranton Penn, formerly residents of Valatie, have returned to that city after visiting Miss. E. Rourke.

Craryville --- Oct 30, 1912
--- Miss Ina Vosburgh of Hillsdale spent Saturday and Sunday with friends in town.
--- Miss Lulu Cole spent Sunday with Miss Martha Gunther.
--- Russell Conklin and Mrs. Julia Frances Stickle, and her daughter Carolyn, spent Sunday with friends in Hillsdale.
--- Mrs. and Mrs. Glen Rivenburgh are now housekeeping in Springfield, Mass.
--- Cyrus Vincent of Albany and sister Harriet of Ghent, spent Friday night with the Misses Mae and Evelyn Niver, and also attended the dance at Hillsdale.
--- Miss Emily Wlliams of Pleasantville, was entertained over Sunday at the home of Kathryn Krick.
--- Mr. and Mrs. George Weller of New York were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Beardsley.
--- Fred Biggi spent Saturday and Sunday with his family in Albany.
--- Mrs. Mary Lape is the guest of Mrs. S. M. Spaulding.
--- The dance Friday evening at Norman Ham's was well attended about sixty people being present.
--- Mrs. Sarah Raught spent a few days last week with Mrs. E. Ham of Martindale.

Churchtown --- Nov 19, 1912
--- Miss Dellie Allen of Humphreyville, was home last week caring for her mother, who was very ill.
--- Bert Jordan of Claverack, was a guest Tuesday of Melvin H. Rowe and family.
--- Mrs. Edgar Stickles of Claverack, Miss Hattie Kells and Mrs. Edgar Sheldon spent Monday at the home of John Sheldon in Taghkanic.
--- The Larkin Club of Ten met with Mrs. Gordon Miller Wednesday last.
--- John Sheldon of Taghkanic, spent Thursday evening with Curtis Sheldon.
--- Mr. Tamsan of New Haven, who has been putting the pipe organ in the church returned to his home Thursday last.
--- DeWitt Sheldon and family were recent visitors at the home of Edward Orsted in Taghkanic.
--- Mrs. Peter Roe and Miss Elsie Miller of Hudson, were Sunday visitors at the home of Peter Miller.
--- Mrs. Floyd Miller and son Donald, spent a day with her parents, Mr. And Mrs. Gordon Miller, last week.
--- Mrs. Curtis Sheldon called on Miss Etta J. Hamm, Friday.
--- Mrs. Robert Myers and daughter Pearl were in Hudson on Friday.
--- Mrs. William Hamm and Mrs. Wilber Decker of Glenco, were callers in this place Friday afternoon.
--- Rev. R.J. Van Deusen attended the National convention in Albany, the past week.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller spent Sunday with Mr. And Mrs. Millard Shutts in Mellenville.
--- Lewis Marshall and family entertained company from out of town, Sunday.
--- Rev. R. J. Van Deosen will hold meetings at the East Taghkanic church every evening this week except Tuesday.

Ghent --- Nov 19, 1912
--- Mr. And Mrs. Harry D. Leggett of West Ghent, visited Mr. And Mrs. John H Shult, Sunday.
--- Born, to Mr. And Mrs. Frank Patton, Monday, the 11th, a son, Miller. Mother and son are doing fine.
--- Mrs. William Fisher is visiting friends in Granville.
--- The many friends of Miss Alida Kerner were surprised to hear of her marriage last Thursday to Clarence Warfield of Martindale. They were married at the Reformed parsonage in Chatham. They have gone on a wedding trip to Washington, and so on south. They will make their home in Ghent, where Mr. Warfield has a position in the express office.
--- Mrs. Earle Niver is very ill.
--- Miss Olive Hoffman, of East Chatham is visiting her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Porter.
--- The proceeds of the chicken pie supper at the County House last week were over $46. The event was a success both financially and socially.
--- Mr. And Mrs. Philip Moore entertained at the Euchre club Tuesday night.

Germantown --- Nov 19, 1912
--- Otha Funk, Harry Stickles, Eddie Funk and Harry Funk returned from Lockport, where they have been picking apples, on Saturday. They report a good apple crop in that section.
--- John Brennan, who had partly bought a farm near Hudson, and was to move there some time this fall, had changed his mind and will keep the fruit place that he now has here. John says he thinks it is a good thing to leave good enough alone.
--- The Red Hook Light and Power company has started to fix the roads from the plant to North Germantown, where the big traction engines have been running and have them in very bad shape, hardly fit to travel on in places.
--- Henry Hamm who has been very ill, is able to be out again.
--- Webster Hover was in Hudson Friday.
--- Eugene DeWitt has been spending a few days in New York, Brooklyn and Yonkers.
--- William Finger of Blue Store was in town Sunday.
--- Miss Julia Lasher, who has been spending some time with Mr. And Mrs. Harmon Magley, was called to her home in Hoboken, N.J., Sunday, on account of illness.
--- Gardiner Saulpaugh and brother Conrad, Garfield Moore, Everett Moore and Deputy Sheriff Hover, enjoyed an auto ride to Albany, last Thursday.
--- Mrs. John H. Hover, who was quite ill last week, is reported much better.
--- Horace Miller and family have been entertaining company form Bridgeport, Conn. for a few days.
--- Jonas J. Hove, who had over 3,000 barrels of apples, has over one thousand barrels on hand yet, and they are very fine.
--- There is another show in town, which will show in Grange hall every night this week.
--- Dwight Kinney and brother William, spent a few days last week in the Catskill mountains hunting. They shot sixteen fine rabbits on their trip.
--- Quite a number from the village attend the dance at Clermont, Thursday evening.
--- Topkins Coons has purchased a fine pony for his wife.
--- Halcyon Lodge, No 826 will hold its annual November 27. Prof. Helm's orchestra, of Hudson, will furnish the music. Tickets for dancing, including chicken supper, $1.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Worthy Fingar and Mr. and Mrs. Thompkins Coons enjoyed a fine auto trip last week. They made 278 miles in two days. The trip was a follows: From Germantown to Rhinebeck, Lafayette, Rock City, Pine Plains, Amenia, Leedsville, Sharon Valley, Sharon, Lakeville, Salisbury, Champinville, Cannon, East Connon, West Norfolk, Torrington, East Litchfield, Campville, Thomaston, Reynold Bridge, Waterville, Oakville, Waterbury, Hopewell, Union City, Naugatuck, Beacon Falls, Pine Ridge, Seymour, Derby, Stratford, Bridgeport, Fairfield, Southport, Westport, Norwalk, Winnepauk, South Milton, Milton, Canoon, Georgetown, Branchville, Danbury, Millplain, Brewster, Carmell, East Branch, Hopewell, Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park, Stattsburg. The trip was made with Mr. Fingar's Overland car on fifteen gallons of gas and one quart of oil, and with not a mishap.
--- Irvin Magley, who is drilling wells at Haines Falls, spent a few days at home last week.
--- Mrs. Blanche Rockerfeller, who was brought home last week from the Albany hospital, is about the same.
--- William Magley of Hudson, was in town last week.
--- E.M. Rockerfeller is offering a fine lot of Orange county onions for winter use. This is a good time to get your supply. About 200 bushels are still on hand.
--- Before election there were quite some Republicans and Bull Moosers in town, but now about everybody you talk to seems to be a Democrat. An old gentleman 80 years of age, said the other day: "This is the first election I ever saw that pleased everybody." He was asked how he knew it pleased everybody, thereon he replied: "It is because the Bull Moosers didn't win, and the Democrats I am sure are pleased."
--- There are plenty of skunks in town and vicinity, E.M. Rockerfeller has now on hand seventy---four and all caught in town.
--- Mr. and Mrs. John Mich entertained company Sunday.
--- Mrs. Anna Hover entertained company last Sunday.
--- Arthur Denegar did some fine work on the roads in the village last Saturday.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Worthy Fingar, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hover spent Sunday in Stottville with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lape and family.
--- Ambrose Lasher, who hurt his arm quite badly cranking his auto, one day last week, is able to be around and to use it again.
--- Mrs. Silas E. Miller, who has been quite ill, is much better.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Webster Coons spent last Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Chauncy S. Lasher.
--- Mr. and Mrs. John Bell entertained company last Sunday.
--- Mrs. David C. Moore is spending a few days with her parents at Blue Store.
--- Our butcher and horse clipper, Reuben Grenner, is now on the go every day.
--- Miss Ruth Best spent last Sunday with his mother, Mrs. George Best, at Linlithgo.
--- Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Coons, a 10---pound boy, last Friday
--- Miss Mary Saulpaugh and mother, Mrs. Gordon Saulpaugh spent a few days at Kinderhook last week.
--- Miss Jessie Castle of Schodack Landing, spent a week with Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Saulpaugth and family.
--- Editor's Note --- the above correspondence was received too late for last week's issue.
--- Mr. and Mrs. W. Teator entertained company Saturday and Sunday.
--- Mrs. G. Elsalt is caring for Mrs. Stanley Coons.
--- Mr. and Mrs. S. S Sheffer are entertaining company from Catskill.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Louis Funk spent Sunday with F. Best and wife at Blue Store.
--- In Craryville, November 8, the angel of death claimed Myra B. Miller, beloved daughter of Jacob S. and Edella Ann Miller, aged 8 months. Much sympathy is extended to the bereaved family in their great loss, as little Myra was always full of smiles. She leaves to mourn her loss her father and mother, five brothers and four sisters, Arland J., Olive E., Hershell H., Lila V., Therloweed, Thelma E., Leland G., Clyde B., and Lena J. Miller. (poem not transcribed). The remains were interred in the West Copake cemetery.

Elizaville --- Nov 19, 1912
--- The funeral of Alexander Sigler took place Monday last. Quite a number of people paid their last token of respect unto him. The service was in the hands of the Rev. J.A. Brimelow, who was assisted by the Rev. Frank Jones, of Manorton.
--- W.G. Wright is at present entertaining his mother.
--- The church Guild held its first session Wednesday evening. The Rev. Dr. Coons gave a most interesting address on "Mohammedanism" the great peril of the East. The pastor made a statement regarding the object of the guild. There was quite a good attendance in spite of the stormy evening. The guild promises to supply a long---felt want in the life of the town and church. The programs will be in the hands of the members in a few days.
--- The concert at Jackson Corners given by Mrs. Brimelow was a success.
--- This Thursday evening a chicken supper will be given in the hall. A play, "Vice Versa," will be given free some time during the evening. A good crowd is expected. Music, games and supper at 7:30. If stormy, next night.
--- Quite a number attended the reception given by Mr. and Mrs. James Coons in commemoration of their son's marriage.
--- Last Wednesday there took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ward Bathrick, the marriage of their only daughter, Edna, to Frank L. Coons of Jackson Corners. The home was artistically arranged and beautifully decorated. Flowers in profusion had been brought to make the rooms look entrancing. An altar of white chrysanthemums had been made, under which the marriage ceremony took place. The ring service was used. Only the immediate relatives had been invited as it would have been difficult for the bride's parents to know when and where to stop in the invitation of friends, as both the young people were exceedingly popular. There were between thirty---five and forty present, who all joined in giving the best wishes to the young people. The bride was dressed in white messaline satin, and was attended by Mrs. Arthur Bathrick as maid of honor. The bridegroom was attended by the bride's brother, Arthur Bathrick. After the wedding luncheon the happy couple left for New York in the automobile of the bride's father. They are expecting to reside in Hudson, where the groom has a position.
--- Remember the stocking sociable to be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Smith. If you haven't got your sock ask for it, and bring it full. Many good things in store. Come and see the greatest gallery and museum. Tuesday night, November 26.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Royal Coons have removed from the village.
--- Miss Adeline Weaver attended the play entitled "The Merry Widow," Saturday night at The Playhouse, Hudson.
--- Miss Violet Smith is spending a few weeks with her cousin, Miss Grace Weaver.
--- Miss Alma Stickles spent Tuesday in Red Hook.
--- John Decker and Miss A. Stickles took a drive to Blue Store, Sunday.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Stall spent Sunday in Cokertown.
--- Mrs. Chester Stall was in Red Hook Saturday.
--- Mr. And Mrs. Alverus Coons and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wolcott spent Sunday with Lincoln Coons and family.
--- A few in this vicinity have butchered their porkers for winter use.
--- William Sherman has moved from Edna Miller's tenement house to Pine Plains. Mr. Sherman moved from Pine Plains here last spring.
--- Mrs. E. Pultz and son Theodore, of Staatsburg, called at N. J. Wentworth's, Saturday afternoon.
--- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coons have moved in C. H. Coons tenement house recently vacated by Charles Wegforth.
--- The residence of Mrs. Kathyrn Magly, now occupied by Floyd Couse, has a new galvanized roof.

Humphreyville --- Nov 19, 1912
--- Miss Mary Itell and brother Harry of Yonkers, spent Sunday at the manor.
--- Frank Eitleman of Livingston was a visitor in this place Friday.
--- Many of the farmers had their annual hog butchering the week; others will have the same next week.
--- Miss Della Proper is getting along nicely at the Hudson city hospital, and expects to be able to return to her home the last of the week.
--- Mrs. Henry Coons of Brooklyn, has been spending a few days with Mrs. Mark Newman.
--- Miss Eloise Dantz is visiting friends at Great Barrington, Mass.
--- The Bell family will shortly leave for their winter home in Florida.
--- Mrs. Richard Palmatier of Glenco, is spending the week at the Bathrick home.


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