Index of Underage Children Working in 1887 

at Burden Iron Company, Troy, NY

Contributed by James Corsaro, Librarian of the

Rensselaer County Historical Society


Compiled for RCHS by Elizabeth Shaver 


Webpage by Cliff Lamere    18 Jun 2002



The complete certificate for each child is in a Burden Iron Company register into which it was pasted.   The register can be seen at the Dean P. Taylor Library of the Rensselaer County Historical Society, Troy, NY, 57 Second Street, Troy, NY 12180 (Telephone: 518-272-7232.  Fax 518-273-1264).

The index below lists the names of about 195 children who were allowed to work in the Burden Iron Company factory.  By New York state law, no child under sixteen was allowed to work in a manufacturing establishment without a sworn statement of the child's age made by the parent or guardian and placed in files of the manufacturer.  This index gives the names of children who worked in the Burden Iron Company and who were under 16 years of age.  Most of the children were born about 1871-1875, and the certificates were stamped in 1887.  All of the children were residents of Troy, New York.  


The original certificates contain the following information:

the name of the child

the name of the parent or guardian

the date of birth of the child

the age of the child in years, months and days

the date of the certificate.




Name of Child              Name of Parent or Guardian         Page Number in Register

Akins, Joseph              (Patrick Akins)                    p. 7
Barneville, John J.        (Annie Barneville)                 p. 21
Barron, John               (David Barron)                     p. 41
Bayliss, Fred              (Slenis Bayliss)                   p. 9
Berrigan, Felix            (Edward Berrigan)                  p. 40
Blake, James               (Matthew Blake)                    p. 6
Blake, John                (Matthew Blake)                    p. 38
Boker, James               (Jep Jansen Boker)                 p. 46
Breen, Thomas Jr.          (Thomas Breen)                     p. 29
Burke, Michael Jr.         (Michael Burke)                    p. 21
Burke, Thomas Jr.          (Thomas Burke)                     p. 18
Burns, Laurence            (Margaret Burns)                   p. 52
Butler, Edward             (George Butler)                    p. 49
Caddick, Lambert           (Walter G. Caddick)                p. 10
Cairns, David              (John Cairns)                      p. 37
Christopher, Percy         (Joseph Christopher)               p. 12
Christopher, Walter        (Joseph Christopher)               p. 21
Clarke, John               (Christopher Clarke)               p. 29
Clarke, Harry              (Louisa Clarke)                    p. 17
Clifton, Joseph Jr.        (Joseph Clifton)                   p. 15
Collopy, Thomas            (John Collopy)                     p. 26
Connell, Daniel            (John Connell)                     p. 24
Conroy, Michael            (Julia Conroy)                     p. 6
Conroy, Michael J.         (John H. Conroy)                   p. 56
Conroy, Thomas             (Catherine Conroy)                 p. 11
Conroy, Thomas             (Julia Conroy)                     p. 29
Corrigan, Christopher      (William Corrigan)                 p. 33
Corrigan, David            (William Corrigan)                 p. 28
Corrigan, Joseph           (Catherine Corrigan)               p. 2
Corrigan, Thomas           (Catherine Corrigan)               p. 16
Cosgrove, James            (William Cosgrove)                 p. 34
Courash, John              Mary Courash)                      p. 50
Cox, John                  (Martin Cox)                       p. 9
Crowley, James             (Ellen Crowley)                    p. 39
Cummings, Michael          (James Cummings)                   p. 16
Curley, John Joseph        (Jane E. Curley)                   p. 14
Curthoys, George Stephen   (Samuel Curthoys)                  p. 18
Daley, Cornelius           (Fanny Daley)                      p. 26
Dalton, Martin             (Ellen Dalton)                     p. 19
Danks, John                (Ann Jones, guardian)              p. 53
Darby, Thomas              (Rebecca Darby)                    p. 36
Davis, Francis             (Thomas Davis)                     p. 51
Dearborn, John W. Jr.      (John W. Dearborn)                 p. 42
Donlon, Michael            (Eliza Donlon)                     p. 7
Donnelly, Charles          (Margaret Donnelly                 p. 55
Donnelly, John             (Margaret Donnelly)                p. 13
Donnelly, Patrick          (Eliza Donnelly)                   p. 51
Dressler, August F.        (August Dressler)                  p. 40
Ducey, Patrick             (Mary Ducey)                       p. 4
Dugan, James H.            (Mary Dugan)                       p. 14
Dugrenier, Joseph          (Emily Dugrenier)                  p. 28
Dunbar, John               (Sarah Ann Dunbar)                 p. 1
Dunn, John                 (John Dunn)                        p. 34
Dunn, William              (John Dunn)                        p. 2
Eagle, Edward              (John Eagle)                       p. 17
Eden, Henry                (Ann Eden)                         p. 30
Elliott, John              (William Eliott)                   p. 43
Evans, Joseph              (Eliza Evans)                      p. 5
Evans, John                (Eliza Evans)                      p. 20
Farley, John F.            (John Farley)                      p. 45
Farrell, Joseph            (Bridget Farrell)                  p. 19
Feehan, Simon              (Thomas Feehan)                    p. 36
Finlan, Thomas             (Kate Finlan)                      p. 22
Flynn, Edward              (Hugh Flynn)                       p. 32
Fogarty, Andrew            (Edward Fogarty)                   p. 23
Fogarty, Patrick           (Edward Fogarty)                   p. 22
Forest, Joseph Ovila       (Azarie Forest)                    p. 1
Gavin, William             (Thomas Gavin)                     p. 8
Gibb, David                (Sarah Gibb)                       p. 41
Gilford, Timothy           (Mary Gilford)                     p. 2
Graton, Joseph             (Huldah Graton)                    p. 38
Gribbin, Edward            (John Gribbin)                     p. 48
Gribbin, John              (Julia Gribbin)                    p. 38
Guilfoil, Michael          (Margaret Guilfoil),               p. 5
Gursky, John               (Vincent Gursky)                   p. 44
Hagen, Charles             (Mary Ryan, mother)                p. 52
Haite, Thomas              (William Haite)                    p. 18
Hale, Joseph               (Robert Hale)                      p. 15
Handley, Patrick           (Fannie Handley)                   p. 37
Hannahan, Martin           (Catherine Hannihan)               p. 27
Happ, Charles              (Adam Happ)                        p. 56
Harrington, James          (Catherine Harrington)             p. 40
Harrington, Stephen        (Catherine Harrington)             p. 45
Holle, Herman Henry        (Metta Holle)                      p. 41
Houlihan, John             (Michael Houlihan)                 p. 23
Hourigan, Patrick          (Margaret Hourigan)                p. 2
Hupe, Charles Jr.          (Charles Hupe)                     p. 24
Iler, Howard A.            (Martin Iler)                      p. 42
Jacket, George             (Annie Jacket)                     p. 34
Jacket, John               (Anna Jacket)                      p. 21
Jackson, John Jr.          (John Jackson)                     p. 5
Jackson, William           (Catherine Jackson)                p. 4
Jolivette, Albert          (Theophile Jolivette)              p. 12
Kearnin, Thomas            (Margaret Kearnin                  p. 4
Kearns, James              (Martin Devany, uncle & guardian)  p. 16
Keleher, William           (Patgrick Keleher                  p. 32
Kelly, John                (Thomas Kelly)                     p. 1
Kelly, Thomas              (Patrick Kelly)                    p. 20
Kenna, William             (Bridget Kenna)                    p. 49
Kennedy, John              (Norah Kennedy)                    p. 37
Killduff, James            (Michael Killduff)                 p. 57
Kinney, John               (Ann Kinney)                       p. 15
Kinshella, John            (William Kinshella)                p. 3
Landrigan, Matthew         (Jane Landrigan)                   p. 11
Langley, Benjamin          (Benjamin Langley Jr.)             p. 25
Launt, Howard              (George Robinson, guardian)        p. 45
Laverey, Samuel James      (John McDermott, step-father)      p. 44
Lawrence, John Jr.         (Jon Lawrence)                     p. 8
Lewis, James               (Bridget Lewis)                    p. 10
Little, John Alfred        (Joseph Little)                    p. 24
Lyons, James               (birth certificate from
                               St. Joseph's Church)           p. 3
Mahar, Joseph              (Patrick Mahar)                    p. 43
Maloney, Patrick           (Michael Maloney)                  p. 31
Manning, Thomas            (William Manning)                  p. 6
McGinness, Michael         (Ann McGinness)                    p. 25
McGrath, Thomas S.         (Johanna McGrath)                  p. 22
McGuirk, James             (Catherine McGuirk)                p. 45
McLean, William            (Catherine McLean)                 p. 54
McQueen, Alexander Gibson  (Robert McQueen)                   p. 42
McQueen, William           (Catherine McQueen)                p. 47
Merchant, Joseph           (Mary Merchant)                    p. 57
Millhouse, Ernest A.       (William Millhouse)                p. 50
Mincher, Albert            (James Mincher)                    p. 14
Minehan, William Jr.       (William Minehan)                  p. 32
Mohen, John                (Ann Mohen)                        p. 7
Monaghan, John Michael     (Ann Monaghan)                     p. 31
Mooney, Charles            (Hugh Mooney)                      p. 31
Moore, James               (Jane Moore)                       p. 53
Morgan, William Henry      (John Morgan)                      p. 39
Morrow, David              (Elizabeth Morrow)                 p. 42
Morton, Thomas             (Sarah Morton)                     p. 18
Mulqueen, Thomas           (Thomas Mulqueen)                  p. 1
Murphy Charles Jr.         (Charles Murphy)                   p. 25
Murray, Cornelius          (Elizabeth Murray)                 p. 9
Murray, Frank              (Helena Murray)                    p. 11
Murray, John J.            (Bridget A. Murray)                p. 7
Murray, Joseph             (Eliza Murray)                     p. 25
Murray, William            (Catherine Murray)                 p. 19
Myers, Charles F.          (Daniel F. Myers)                  p. 38
Myers, Oscar               (Catherine Myers)                  p. 41
Nelligan, Timothy          (Michael Nelligan)                 p. 4
Newman, John               (Charles Newman)                   p. 31
Niland, William            (Thomas Niland)                    p. 23
O'Hara, Thomas             (Margaret O'Hara)                  p. 10
Owens, Thomas              (Patrick Owens),                   p. 6
Pattison, Robert           (William Pattison)                 p. 37
Paynter, William           (Joseph Paynter)                   p. 26
Potts, Frank               (Emma Potts)                       p. 14
Powell, Thomas             (Alfred Powell)                    p. 32
Power, Thomas              (William Power)                    p. 27
Prout, Henry               (William Henry Prout)              p. 8
Quirk, William             (Ellen Quirk)                      p. 13
Rafferty, Bernard          (Thomas Rafferty)                  p. 5
Riskie, John               (John Riskie)                      p. 47
Roberts, Samuel            (John Roberts)                     p. 33
Robinson, Henry            (George Robinson)                  p. 44
Rowley, Alfred             (Sarah A. Rowley)                  p. 55
Rowley, Samuel             (Sarah A. Rowley)                  p. 43
Ryan, Hugh                 (Redman Ryan)                      p. 30
Ryan, John                 (John Ryan)                        p. 28
Ryan, John                 (Bridget Ryan)                     p. 36
Ryan, Thomas               (Bridget Ryan)                     p. 30
Ryan, William              (John Ryan)                        p. 27
Schwerer, Joseph           (Harriet Schwerer)                 p. 13
Scully, Edward             (Julia Scully)                     p. 22
Scully, Thomas             (Julia Scully)                     p. 34
Seitz, Frank Joseph        (Frank Seitz)                      p. 26
Shirtliff, William Edgar   (Edgar Augustus Shirtliff)         p. 39
Smith, Francis W.          (John Smith                        p. 13
Smith, George              (John Smith)                       p. 35
Strang, Laurence           (John Srang)                       p. 17
Sullivan, Thomas           (Patrick Sullivan)                 p. 36
Summers, Robert            (Catherine Summers)                p. 48
Sweeney, Thomas            (Mary Sweeney)                     p. 11
Sweeny, John               (Mary Sweeny)                      p. 35
Talbert, Patrick           (Rose Talbert)                     p. 29.
Thompson, George           (Daniel Thompson)                  p. 23
Thorp, William H.          (William Thorp)                    p. 3
Tranter, John E,           (Thomas Tranter)                   p. 8
Tripp, Frederick           (John Tripp)                       p. 35
Turner, John               (William Turner 2nd)               p. 39
Uddstrom, Charles          (Louisa Uddstrom)                  p. 30
Vallie, Louis              (Philomena Vallie)                 p. 15
Walsh, James Jr.           (James Walsh)                      p. 19
Ward, Richard              (Sarah Ward)                       p. 44
Welsh, Samuel              (Zachariah Welsh)                  p. 54
Weston, James              (William Weston)                   p. 35
Wheeler, Joseph            (Moses Wheeler)                    p. 9
Will, George               (Dora Will)                        p. 46
Williams, Frank            (Sarah Williams)                   p. 17
Winters, William           (Mary Winters)                     p. 40
Wylie, William             (Mary Wylie)                       p. 24



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