Some Ostranders Recorded in New York State

by Cliff Lamere    18 Aug 2004, revised 21 Aug 2004



I omitted nothing that was in the transcription, but the information may have been reorganized to fit on a single line.  All retyped records below have been proofread for accuracy.  Comments in [  ] are my own.


Baptism records - these are arranged by date of birth.  When that is lacking, the baptism date is used.  It was not possible to arrange the baptisms by the name of the Ostrander, because some had as many as three Ostranders named.  To be consistent, I listed the marriages chronologically also.


The records below are for the following counties in New York: Albany, Columbia, Rensselaer, Greene and Jefferson.


CAUTION:  Many of these records extend beyond the right edge of the screen.  Every record ends with a  reference to a source such as RPTB:54 (book abbreviation and page number) or a comment.  Scroll right to see the full record (you can use the horizontal scroll bar near the bottom of the screen or the right arrow key).  

See list of sources at the bottom of this webpage.





*  When an asterisk appears at the end of a date shown below, it means that in the church register there was no date attached to the baptism or marriage.  The record is one or more lines below a record which is dated.  Researchers commonly assume that the undated event took place on the same day as the record above it that has a date.  That is a dangerous assumption, because it is not always true.  Records listed below with a * have dates which I consider to be uncertain.  For example, the Bethlehem Reformed records on occasion list children who are known to have been born after the previous recorded baptism date.  This means that the pastor forgot to record the date of the new baptism(s).  I don't know if the same happened with some marriages.  


I know of a Gardenier marriage that was recorded by a Reformed Church pastor in registers of both churches he serviced, one with a date and one without.  Genealogists have assumed that the one without a date occurred on the same day as two other marriages, because it was the second undated marriage below a dated marriage.  However, the church register in the other church proves that the marriage actually occurred over two months later, and in the following year.  


To help you decide how reliable the dates below might be, I have listed the number of records which seem to be associated with a date, and what position the particular record has relative to the date.  2/3 would mean the second baptism or marriage in a series of  three.


Why might there be no date attached to some records?  The possibilities include the following.

The minister or clerk may have recorded the date for only the first marriage or baptism that occurred on that day.  The date was meant to apply to all following baptisms/marriages until a new date was written.  However, the minister or clerk might have forgotten to record the date for the next event.  Another reason could be that a minister might perform a marriage or baptism outside the church and then forgot to record the event until much later, by which time the date was no longer known to him.


Sometimes, a minister serviced more than one church.  He might have had contracts with two churches with small congregations, neither of which alone could afford to pay a living wage for a pastor.  The one which provided him with living quarters is the one he would consider to be his home church.  Or, he might have serviced primarily one church while appearing periodically at a church which temporarily had no pastor.  


In either case, he might 1) record all baptisms and marriages in the registers of the church where the event took place, 2) record all events in his home registers, 3) record all events in both registers (as happened with the Gardenier marriage mentioned above), 4) be inconsistent about where the events were recorded.  One factor to consider is that the registers at the 'away' church may not have been available to him on the day of his visit, while at other times they were.  An important factor is that the pastor may have wanted a single record of all baptisms and marriages he performed.  That could mean keeping a separate, personal record, or it might just mean that he would record everything at his home church.  This pastor might also record the events at the 'away' church as well. 


In New Netherland and early New York, churches were often a long distance from a farmer's land.  Travelling pastors/dominies often performed marriages and baptisms at places which had no church, and might not even have had a locality name.  These events were recorded in the register at the pastor's church a long distance away.  Genealogists usually assume the baptism or marriage occurred in the church and they state that their ancestor lived in the community in which the church was built.  Even today, people travel to have their child baptized near the home of a relative who will be its godparent.  It is never safe to assume that the child lived in the same community as the church.   Churches were built in large communities, but a great number of people, especially farmers, lived outside the community.  


Born           Baptized           Father                     Mother                    Child              Witnesses (Sponsors)                                  Church             Source   Comment
---            1761 Aug 15        Hendrick Oostrander        Lisabeth Shoefeld         Maria              Luycas Hoes, wife Lybetje Huyk                        Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:43  
---            1768 Oct 23        Coenrad Sluyter            Cathrina Oostrander       Maria              Cornelis Sluyter, Rachel Oostrander                   Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:58  
---            1768 Dec 4         Willem Oostrander          Elsje van Pelt            Cornelia           Pieter Van Pelt, Cornelia Van Pelt                    Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:59  
---            1769 Nov 5         Jacob Roos                 Annatje Keter             Willem             Teunis Rypenberg, & wife Grietje Oostrander           Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:61  
---            1770 Oct 28        Coenrad Sluyter            Cathrina Oostrander       Annatje            Daniel Lits, & wife Annatje Sluyter                   Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:65  
---            1771 Feb 10        Petrus Philip              Anna Graet                Annatje            Johannes Philip, & wife Annatje Oostrander            Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:66  
---            1771 Feb 24        Willem Oostrander          Elsje van Pelt            Rachel             Samuel van Pelt, Engeltje van Pelt                    Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:66  
---            1771 Aug 18        Isaac V. Valkenburgh       Annatje V. Oostrander     Cornelis           Andries Oostrander, Geertruy Oostrander               Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:67  
---            1771 Oct 13        Wilhelmus Oostrander       Elisabeth Graet           Jacobus            Jacobus Oostrander, wife Margrietje Heermanse         Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:68  
---            1773 Feb 7         Johannes Philip            Antje Oostrander          Annatje            Velten Lant, wife Lisabeth Philip                     Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:72 
---            1773 Apr 11        John Morris                Rebecca Bloemendal        Geertruy           Arent Oostrander, & wife Geertruy Holzapple           Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:73   
---            1773 Feb 7         Johannes Philip            Antje Oostrander          Margrieta          Philip Oostrander, Jannetje Oostrander                Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:73  
---            1773 Aug 15        Johannes Friend            Lisabeth Coeper           Geertruy           Andries Oostrander, Geertruy Oostrander               Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:74  
---            1773 Nov 7         Arent Oostrander           Lisabeth Wilson           Jannetje           Andries Oostrander, Geertruy Oostrander               Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:75  
---            1774 Feb 27        Wilhelmus Oostrander       Lisabeth Graet            Lisabeth           Petrus Graet, Jannetje Graet                          Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:76  
---            1774 May 23        Isaac Van Valckenburgh     Annatje Oostrander        Jacob              Jacob P. Van Valckenburgh, Cathrina Van Valckenburgh  Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:77  
---            1774 Jun 26        Jacob Philip               Cathrina Oostrander       Anna               Wilhelmus Philip, Anna Philip                         Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:78  
---            1774 Aug 7         Andries Wilson             Geertruy Oostrander       Hugh               John Wilson, & wife Marytje Bratt                     Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:78  
---            1775 Mar 12        Jurry Adam Smith           Marytje Wilson            Annatje            Arent Oostrander, & wife Lisabeth Wilson              Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:80  
---            1775 May 28        Johannes Philip            Antje Oostrander          Petrus             Petrus Philip, wife Anna Graet                        Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:81  
---            1775 Oct 8         Arent Oostrander           Lisabeth Wilson           Annatje            Jurry Adam Smith, wife Marytje Wilson                 Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:83  
---            1775 Dec 10        Jacob Rysdorf              Magdalena Philip          Jacobus            Jacob Philip, & wife Cathrina Oostrander              Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:83  
---            1775 Dec 10        Jacob Rysdorf              Magdalena Philip          Johannes           Johannes Philip, & wife Antje Oostrander              Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:83  
---            1776 May 25        Philip Oostrander          Annatje Philip            Maria              Wilhelmus Philip, Marytje Philip                      Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:86  
---            1776 Oct 20        Isaac V: Valkenburgh       Annatje Oostrander        Bata               Pieter V: Valkenburgh, Maria Goes                     Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:87  
---            1776 Oct 20        Isaac V: Valkenburgh       Annatje Oostrander        Jannetje           Arent Oostrander, Jannetje Oostrander                 Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:87  
---            1778 Aug 16        Robert van Deursen         Maria Oostrander          Cornelis           Stephanus van Alen, & wife Engelje Witbeck            Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:91  
---            1779 Dec 5         Jeronimus Volmsby          Elizabet Witbeek          Jonathan           Jonathan Witbeek, & wife Geritje Oostrander           Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:97  
---            1779 Dec 26        Jakob Sluyter              Anna Woodcock             David              Johannes Van Oostrander, & wife Johanna Touwshend     Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:97  
---            1780 Jun 18        Isaac P: Van Valkenburg    Anna Oostrander           Geertruy           Abraham Vosburg, Anna Van Aalen, sing[le]             Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:100  
---            1780 Jul 29        Aaron Oostrander           Maria Buchanan            Catharina          Andries Oostrander, & wife Catharina Van Valkenburg   Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:100  
---            1780 Aug 20        Andries Wilson             Geertruy Oostrander       Annatje            Dirk Wilson, & wife Maayke Huyk                       Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:100  
---            1781 Dec 9         Aaron Van Oostrander       Maria Buchanon            Cornelis           Andries Wilson, Geertruy Van Oostrander               Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:105  
---            1782 May 5         Dirk Wilson                Maayke Huyk               Joachim            Arent Oostrander, & wife Mary                         Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:107  
---            1782 Nov 17        Andries Oostrander         Catharina Van Valkenburg  Cornelis           Andries Wilson, & wife Geertruy Oostrander            Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:110  
---            1783 Jun 29        Aaron Oostrander           Mary Buchanan             Eliezabet          Dirk Wilson, & wife Maayke Huyk                       Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:113  
---            1783 Nov 9         Joseph Schot               Cornelia Oosterhout       Hendrik            Hendrik Oostrander, Eliezabet Voland, sing[le]        Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:115  
---            1784 Jun 13        Andries Wilson             Geertruy Oostrander       Andries            Aron Oostrander, & wife Margarieta Buchanan           Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:117  
---            1785 Feb 20        Dirk Wilson                Maayke Huyk               Hugh               Andries Wilson, & wife Geertruy Oostrander            Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:121  
---            1786 Jun 4         Isaac P. Van Valkenburg    Annatje Oostrander        Hendrikus          Teunis Van Alen, Ida Goes, sing[le]                   Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:128  
---            1786 Sep 14        Arent Oostrander           Maria Buchanon            Pieter, twin       Isaac P. Van Valkenburg, & wife  Annatje Ostrander    Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:129  
---            1786 Sep 14        Arent Oostrander           Maria Buchanon            Annatje, twin      Isaac P. Van Valkenburg, & wife  Annatje Ostrander    Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:129  
(1792) Dec 28  1793 Feb 3         Cornelius Van Valkenburg   Batje Legget              Annatje            Isaac P. Van Valkenburg, Annatje Ostrander            Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:154  
(1794) Nov 20  1795 Feb 22        Andrias Wilson             Gerthruy Ostrander        Jannetje           parents                                               Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:164  
(1795) Aug 3   1796 Jan 18        David Mellen               Jane Ostrander            Elisabeth          wit.: none                                            Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:168  
1796 May 14    ---                Henry Ostrander            Elizabeth Brandow         Peter              wit.: none                                            Prattsville Ref.   ACGC:136  
1797 Jan 10    1797 Feb 17        Jacob Miesick              Catharine Ostrander       Maria              wit.: none                                            Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:174  
1798 Nov 25    1798 Dec 23        Jacob Philip               Mary Ostrander            Catharine          Aaron Tipple, Catharine Philip                        Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:184  
1799 May 3     ---                Henry Ostrander            Elizabeth Brandow         Margrit            wit.: none                                            Prattsville Ref.   ACGC:136  
1800 Aug 5     1800 Aug 31        John L. Shever             Catharine Philips         Jacob              Jacob Philips, Mary Ostrander                         Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:192  
1801 Oct 11    1801 Nov 8         George Kilmore             Tyntie Ostrander          Maritie            wit.: none                                            Bethlehem Ref.     RPTB:12  
1802 Mar 10    ---                Henry Ostrander            Elizabeth Brandow         Dolly              Robard Van Husen                                      Prattsville Ref.   ACGC:138  
1802 May 1     1802 Jun 6         Jacob Philip               Maria Ostrander           Anna Maria         Peter Kruislaer, Margaret Philip                      Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:200  
1803 May 26    1803 Jun 19        Jacob Ostrander            Nancy Heddick             John               wit.: none                                            Bethlehem Ref.     RPTB:19  
1804 Jul 5     ---                Henry G. Ostrander         Elizabeth Brandow         Ginny              wit.: none                                            Prattsville Ref.   ACGC:137  
1804 Sep 1     ---                Jacob A. Phillip           Maria Ostrander           Jacobus            Philip Ostrander, Margaret Ostrander                  Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:209  
1806 Feb 8     ---                Henry Ostrander            Elizabeth Brandow         Cornelius          wit.: none                                            Prattsville Ref.   ACGC:143  
1806 Sep 24    1806 Nov 16 *3/5   George Killmore            Cathalintye Vn. Ostrander John               wit.: none                                            Bethlehem Ref.     RPTB:23  
1807 Apr 17    1807 Mar 8  *6/8   William Killmore           Sarah Ostrander           Sally              wit.: none                                            Bethlehem Ref.     RPTB:24  
1810 May 29    1810 Jun 12        William Kilmer             Sarah Ostrander           Hannah Catharine   wit.: none                                            Bethlehem Ref.     RPTB:29  
1811 Feb 14    1811 Mar 31        Jacob Ostrander            Nancy Haddock             Christina          wit.: none                                            Bethlehem Ref.     RPTB:31  
1811 Dec 24    1812 Mar 8  *3/4   wife of Abr. McHarg        Polly Kilmer              Mary Ann           Willm. Thomson Kilmer, & wife Sarah Ostrander         Bethlehem Ref.     RPTB:33   [husband prob. not present]
1813 Aug 26    1813 Sep 26 *2/2   Jacob Ostrander            Nancy Haddock             William            wit.: none                                            Bethlehem Ref.     RPTB:36  
1814 Jan 9     1814 Feb 20 *3/3   Geo: Kilmer                Tiney Ostrander           Harrietta          wit.: none                                            Bethlehem Ref.     RPTB:37  
1816 Mar 14    1816 May 5         William Van Alstyne        Maria Ostrander           Maria              wit.: none                                            Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:248  
(1818) May 22  1819 Jan 5         William Van Alstyne        Mary Ostrander            Catharine          wit.: none                                            Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:255  
1820 Feb 5     1820 Feb 18        Jacob Ostrander            Nancy Haddock             Rachel             wit.: none                                            Bethlehem Ref.     RPTB:44  
1821 Jan 4     1821 Mar 14        William Van Alstyne        Mary Ostrander            Thomas             wit.: none                                            Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:261  
1823 Aug 4     1823 Sep 21        William Van Alstyne        Mary Ostrander            Harriet            wit.: none                                            Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:270  
---            1826 Jul 29        William Van Alstyne        Mary Ostrander            Albertine          wit.: none                                            Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:277  
1828 Jul 12    1828 Oct 15        William Van Alstyne        Maria Ostrander           Robert             wit.: none                                            Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:280  
1830 Feb 10    1830 Sep 22        William Van Alstyne        Maria Ostrander           Eleanor            wit.: none                                            Kinderhook Ref.    KRB:284  

Married           Groom                Bride                  Church              Source   Remarks
1771 Mar 5        Hendrick Oostrander  Mary Van den Bergh     Kinderhook Ref.     KRM:4    [Hendrick] Albany Co., farmer / [Mary] Albany Co., spinster  
1771 (Oct) 26     Johannes Oostrander  Maria Van Deusen       Kinderhook Ref.     KRM:6    [Johannes] jm, b Rhinebeck, liv Rensselaerwyck / [Maria] jd, b. Rhinebeck, liv Rensselaerwyck  
1771 Dec 9        Arent Oostrander     Geertruy Holzappel     Kinderhook Ref.     KRM:6  
1773 Jan 5        Jacob Philip jr      Catherine Oostrander   Kinderhook Ref.     KRM:7    [Jacob] Albany Co., shopkeeper / [Catherine] Albany Co., spinster  
1774 Apr 24       Cornelis Sluyter     Lydia Oostrander       Kinderhook Ref.     KRM:8    [Cornelis] jm, b Stissing, liv Rensselaerwyck / [Lydia] jd, b Nine Partners, liv Rensselaerwyck  
1779 Dec 22       Aarent Oostrande     Mary Bukannon          Kinderhook Ref.     KRM:12  
1794 Dec 14       Aaron Reed           Catrina Ostrander      Kinderhook Ref.     KRM:24
1805 Oct 9        Adam Ostrander       Catharine Cole         Kinderhook Ref.     KRM:30  
1806 Jan 9        Aaron Johnson        Sarah Ostrander        Kinderhook Ref.     KRM:31  
1813 Sep 19       Abraham Ostrander    Polly Witbeck          Kinderhook Ref.     KRM:34  
1819 Feb 4        John Gardenier       Catharine Ostrander    Kinderhook Ref.     KRM:38  
1824 Apr 7 *3/3   James Ostrander      Ann Eliza Marshal      Bethlehem Ref.      RPTB:78  
1824 Dec 12       Wessel Ten Broeck    Eunice Ostrander       Kinderhook Ref.     KRM:42  
1825 Dec 1        James Ostrander      Rebecca Hall           Bethlehem Ref.      RPTB:80  
1826 Oct 16       Marcus L. Soop       Mary Ann Ostrander     Bethlehem Ref.      RPTB:80  
1827 Feb 10       Philip Goedemoet     Eliza Ostrander        Kinderhook Ref.     KRM:43 
1835 Nov 21       Peter Ostrander      Christina Goodemote    Kinderhook Ref.     KRM:46  

Church Member                               Date           Received by           Church                 Source
Tyntje Ostrander, wife of George Kilmore    1801 Aug 27    confession of faith   Bethlehem Ref.         RPTB:109
William Cillmore & wife Sarah Ostrander     1805 Jul 27    certificate           Bethlehem Ref.         RPTB:110
George Kilmer [husb. of Tyntje Ostrander?]  1808 Oct 28    confession of faith   Bethlehem Ref.         RPTB:111
Jacob Ostrander                             1822 Jun 22    ---                   Bethlehem Ref.         RPTB:114

Died         Age/Born   Name                                 Cemetery               Location                            Source        Comment
1811 Jun 25  27 yrs.    James S. Ostrander                   Sandy Loam Cem.        Pamelia Twp., Jefferson Co., NY     DARC1/1:143  
1829 Jul 21  57-3-10    William Kilmer                       Elmwood Rural Cem.     near Selkirk, Albany Co., NY        RPTB:197      
1836 Oct 27  31-9-5     Ann Kilmer                           Elmwood Rural Cem.     near Selkirk, Albany Co., NY        RPTB:197      dau. of Christina [Ostrander]  
1844 Feb 29  69-9-__    George Kilmer                        Elmwood Rural Cem.     near Selkirk, Albany Co., NY        RPTB:197  
1847 May 7   1-4-4      Clifford J. Ostrander                Sandy Loam Cem.        Pamelia Twp., Jefferson Co., NY     DARC1/1:143   son of William & Charlotte  
1847 Dec 23  31-1-15    Charlotte E. Ostrander               Sandy Loam Cem.        Pamelia Twp., Jefferson Co., NY     DARC1/1:143   wife of William [Ostrander]
1851 Mar 4   44-10-__   William Ostrander                    Sandy Loam Cem.        Pamelia Twp., Jefferson Co., NY     DARC1/1:143
1852 Aug 17  6-5-__     Enos Ostrander                       Brownsville Cem.       Brownville Twp., Jefferson Co., NY  DARC1/1:84    son of G.H. & Polly [Ostrander]  
1859 Aug 18  87-4-__    Sarah Ostrander                      Elmwood Rural Cem.     near Selkirk, Albany Co., NY        RPTB:197      wife of William Kilmer  
1861 Sep 14  87-10-14   Christina [Tyntje "Tiney" Ostrander] Elmwood Rural Cem.     near Selkirk, Albany Co., NY        RPTB:197      wife of George Kilmer
1863 Jan 8   24-5-17    Almira Ostrander                     Sandy Loam Cem.        Pamelia Twp., Jefferson Co., NY     DARC1/1:143   dau. of William & Charlotte  
1863 Jan 21  1-2-__     Della Ruet Ostrander                 Sandy Loam Cem.        Pamelia Twp., Jefferson Co., NY     DARC1/1:143   dau. of William & A.D. [Ostrander]

Census  Name                                   Results                                 Source
1800    George Killmore [& Tyntje Ostrander]   10010 / 10010  0  0                     RPTB:287
1810    Geo. Kilmore [& Tyntje Ostrander]      10110 / 22210  0  1                     RPTB:293
1820    George Kilmore [& Tyntje Ostrander]    010001 / 10210  0200                    RPTB:308
1820    William Ostrander                      210010 / 21010  0100                    RPTB:311
1830    George Killmore [& Tyntje Ostrander]   0000  1001  0000 / 0001  2001  000  0   RPTB:338
1840    George Kilmore [& Tyntje Ostrander]    0100  1100  1000 / 1010  0100  100  0   RPTB:347


Road Records
1811 Jun 20, "laying out a private road through the lands of George Kilmer Marcus Lasher Elias Osterhout." RPTB:233


Betty Van Ostrande.  [Her house was no. 9 on 1767 Map of Renselaerwick Manor (by Jno R. Bleeker), on west side of the [Hudson] river, living within the Manor.]  RPTB:263


"... the first Dutch family known to have settled in the immediate vicinity of present Nassau village was that of Aaron Ostrander, who seems to have arrived in 1780 or 1781.  He had been married in February, 1772, to Elizabeth Wilson, living "near Kinderhook."  His name does not appear in the 1779 tax list for the Nassau area, but in 1784 he finally received the unusually high sum of 3.10.7 for his services in Captain Woodworth's company.  Ostrander's farm extended east from the present village limits, on the south side of Route 20, almost as far as the small pond and swamp below Meschodack Hill.  His farm also included all of the high, bald hill just southeast of the present village limits, where there are hayfields today."  EHNV:9


"Slave holders at New Stores in 1790 included Thomas Tobias and Aaron Ostrander."  EHNV:13  [New Stores was early name for Nassau]


"OSTRANDER:  Arent Ostrander was born in Dutchess Co., N.Y. about 1750, son of Cornelius and Janetje Hermance Ostrander, of Rhinebeck Flats, and came early to the Nassau area where he subsequently owned a great deal of land mainly just south of the village.  It seems likely that he came from Kinderhook and that he is the Arent Ostrander who married Elizabeth Wilson, 29 February 1772, in Kinderhook.  His sister, Geertje Ostrander, baptised in 1752, married Andries Wilson, brother to Elizabeth.  Arent and Elizabeth Ostrander had two daughters, but little else is known of him."  EHNV:24


"Hugh and Ann [Wilson] were the parents of seven children...  Elizabeth (c1754-  ) mar. Arent Ostrander, and [she] was also of Philipstown."  EHNV:29


"OSTRANDER, AARON W. of Mellenville, b. 1812 (m. 1837 Amanda M. Dennis of Ghent); son of  William A. of Ghent, b. 1788, d. 1848; son of Aaron of Ghent." AA:90


"OSTRANDER, CHARLES WARD and FRANK LYLE of Hudson; sons of EDGAR OSTRANDER of Ghent, b. 1838 (m. Celia Sagendorph); son of JOHN M. OSTRANDER of Ghent, b. 1810 (m. 1st, Catharine Van Hoesen, 2nd, Lucy Niles, 3rd Eliza Mesick); son of Peter of Ghent b. 1784 or 5, d. 1857 (m. 1st, Maria Mesick, 2nd, Elizabeth Van Hoesen); son of Henry of Ghent (m. Maria Phillips), served in Rev. army."  AA:90


"OSTRANDER, GEORGE Of Claverack, b. 1828 (m. 1856 Alvira Cummings of Ghent); son of Cornelius of Ghent, b. 1787, d. 1867 (m. 1807 Mary Van Hagen); son of Henry of Ghent, b. 1737, d. 1809 (m. 1763 Catharine Phillips of Mellenville)."  AA:90


"OSTRANDER, GEORGE WALLACE, and ORPHEUS W. and ARNOT C. of Ghent; sons of DANIEL H. OSTRANDER of Ghent, b. 1830 (m. Frances J. Wallace); son of John W. of Red Hook, b. 1796, d. 1884 (m. Jemima Lewis); son of JOHN OSTRANDER, who came from Holland."  AA:90


"OSTRANDER, WILLIAM H. of Claverack, b. 1823; son of George of Claverack, b. 1781, d. 1853 (m. Nellie Smith); son of Henry of Ghent, b. 1737, d. 1809 (m. 1763 Catharine Phillips of Mellenville)."  AA:90


"Ostrander -- Pieter, lived in Albany about 1700 or earlier; married Rachel Dingmaas [sic], and they had a son, Petrus, baptised in Albany, February 6, 1709.  Arent Ostrander married Gertrude Van Bloemendaal, and had a son, Petrus, baptised in Albany, October 7, 1700."  CP:128





AA = "American Ancestry:  Giving the Name and Descent, in the Male line, of Americans whose Ancestors Settled in the United States Previous to the Declaration of Independence, A.D. 1776, Vol. II (Local Series), Columbia County, State of New York, 1887"  by Thomas P. Hughes.  Published by Joel Munsell's Sons, 1887


Rensselaerville Presbyterian (or Congregational) Church 1794-1920, Baptisms 1794-1816, 1824-1879, 1881-1916
Rensselaerville Cemetery
Trinity Church Cemetery
Coeymans Reformed Church 1793-about 1840
Prattsville Church, Baptisms 1798-1831, Marriages 1833-1843
Cairo Presbyterian Church, Baptisms 1830-1868"
by Mrs. Jean D. Worden, 1993


CP = "Coeymans and the Past" by Edward D. Giddings.  Pub. by the Tri-Centennial Committee of the Town of Coeymans, June 1973


DARC = "DAR Cemetery, Church and Town Records", Volume 1, Part 1 (1926)


EHNV = "The Early History of Nassau Village, 1609-1830, with Brief Biographical Sketches of Early Settlers" by Paul R. Huey and Ralph D. Phillips, 1969.  3rd edition by Nassau Free Library, Nassau, NY, 1996.


KRB = "Baptism Record of Kinderhook Reformed Church, Kinderhook, New York 1718-1899"

Transcribed and indexed by Arthur C.M. Kelly, December 1, 1985 


KRM = "Marriage Record of Kinderhook Reformed Church, Kinderhook, New York 1717-1899"

Transcribed and indexed by Arthur C.M. Kelly, April 15, 1986 


RPTB = "Records of the People of the Town of Bethlehem, Albany County New York, 1698-1880". 

Edited by Florence Christoph and Peter R. Christoph.  Bethlehem Historical Association, 1982. 

Partial contents:
Bethlehem Reformed Church, Albany Co., NY [just north of Selkirk]
   Baptisms 1794-1871
   Marriages 1797-1871
   Deaths 1865-1870
   Membership 1795-1873


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