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VITAL RECORDS - marriages



    Marriages To 1800   (Frederick W. Bailey /Ray Brown)  Many misspellings.  Parents and places of residence

        often omitted even though they were in the book used as a source.



    Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses were Issued by the Secretary of the Province of 

        New York Previous to 1784   (Robert Billard)  About 10,000 marriages.  (See information for next link.)

    Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses were Issued by the Secretary of the Province of 

         New York Previous to 1784  (MOA-Cornell)  Published in 1860, this is a major civil source of early NY

        marriage information, although many of the marriages did take place in churches.  Can be viewed as

        images or text.  The dates in these records are the dates of the licenses or the dates of the bonds.  They

        are NOT the actual marriage dates, which sometimes occurred months later, but sometimes occurred

        shortly thereafter.   Pages iii - ix explain about marriage bonds and licenses.

    Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses were Issued by the Secretary of the Province of 

         New York Previous to 1784  (Long Island Genealogy)  A third version of the same records.  (25 Jul 2006)

    New Amsterdam/New York Reformed Dutch Church - Marriages 1639-1801   (Robert Billard)  This webpage is a

        much better than the next version.  It is all on one webpage, which allows a single search rather than searching

        separately on over 110 webpages.  

    New Amsterdam/New York Reformed Dutch Church - Marriages 1639-1760   (Olive Tree Genealogy)  This

        website says that the records go to 1801, but the project was stopped at 1760 by 2002.  The records can be

        accessed only one year at a time.  Use the same records at the link above, but do visit this exceptional website

        for its ship lists and things Dutch, plus its extensive records and links for New Netherland, New York state, etc.

    Kingston Reformed Dutch Church - Marriages 1660-1809   (Robert Billard)  



    Albany Reformed Church - Marriages 1683-1804   (Dave Payne-Joyce)

    Helderbergh, Jerusalem, New Salem and Princetown [Schenectady Co.] Reformed Churches -

        Marriages 1794-1829  (Betty Fink)  

    Onesquethaw Reformed Church, Tarrytown (near Clarksville) - Marriages 1840-1874   (Betty Fink)

    Lutheran Marriages for the Towns of Berne, Knox, and Guilderland - 1830-1844  (Betty Fink) 

    St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Albany - Marriages 1756-1768  (Barbara Jeffries)

    New Salem Reformed Church - Marriages 1794-1797  (Barbara Jeffries)

    Westerlo Marriages, 1847-1849  (Barbara Jeffries)

    Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church, Watervliet - Marriages 1824-1829  (Barbara Jeffries)  Several sources

        give name as Asbury, not Ashbury as shown on the webpage.  5 churches on this webpage.

    Gibbonsville Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, Watervliet - Marriages 1814-1824  (Barbara Jeffries)  5 churches.

    Knowerville Lutheran Church - Marriages 1877-1881  (Barbara Jeffries)  5 churches on 1 webpage.

    Reformed Dutch Church of the Boght, Colonie - Marriages 1797-1816  (Barbara Jeffries)  5 churches.

    LishaKill Reformed Church of Colonie - Marriages 1852-1898  (Barbara Jeffries)  5 churches on 1 webpage.



  Nobletown (2) and Hillsdale (3) Marriages of Rev. Bostwick (1773 & 1791-93)   (Susan Mulvey)

  Valatie Presbyterian Church - Marriages 1872-1899   (Cliff Lamere)  78 records from the Town of

          Kinderhook.  If your ancestors lived in "Kinderhook", they could have lived anywhere in the Town

           unless you have evidence that they resided in the village.  Valatie had mills that attracted workers 

           even from outside the state.  View the same records arranged alphabetically by the bride's surname.  

     Livingston Marriages 1867-1869   (Mrs. Edward B. Irish, et al.)  Probably unpublished.

     Columbia Co. Marriages (Jun 1864 - May 1865) Listed on the 1865 NY Census   (Susan Mulvey)  Page 2.

     Columbia Co. Marriages (Jun 1, 1874 - Jun 1, 1875) Listed on the 1875 NY Census   (Susan Mulvey)

     Chatham Center Methodist-Episcopal Church - Marriages 1877-1900    (Jane Williams Wood)  Church Photo

     Chatham Center Methodist-Episcopal Church - Marriages 1907-1930    (Jane Williams Wood) 

     Chatham - First Dutch Reformed Church - Marriages 1867-1873    (Lisa McKern)   Page 2 .



    Athens - First Reformed Church - Marriages 1826-1901   (Ann Clapper)

    Leeds Reformed Church - Marriages 1833-1890   (Royden Woodward Vosburgh / Arlene Goldwin)  

    Leeds Reformed Church - Supplemental Marriages 1856-1858   (Royden Woodward Vosburgh / Arlene Goldwin)

    Catskill - Presbyterian Church - Marriages 1835, 1836, 1850-1875   (prob. Gertrude A. Barber / Coralynn Brown)

        Found at bottom quarter of the webpage.



    Fultonville, Auriesville & Sprakers Reformed Churches - Marriages 1867-1883  ( Mrs. Edward B. Irish, et al.) 

        Unpublished records of Rev. Francis M. Kip, Jr.

    Presbyterian Church at Bowman's Corners, Town of Canajoharie - Marriages 1825 - 1833   (D.A.R.)

    Marriages Performed by Baptist Rev. Elijah Herrick of Town of Charleston, 1796-1844   (Sandi Burns)  For

     information on the lives of the Reverends Elijah and Calvin Herrick, click HERE 

    Marriages Performed by Baptist Rev. Calvin Herrick of Town of Charleston, 1834-1876   (Sandi Burns)



    Rensselaer Co. Residents Married in Bennington, VT, 1809-1828   (Debby Masterson)

    Rensselaer Co. Marriages from 1865 Census   (Barbara Jeffries)  Marriages from 1864 and 1865.  Each place

        designated is really a Town (division of a county), not the village or hamlet of the same name

        (Lansingburgh may be an exception).  This webpage is confusing and likely contains location errors.  The

        Town of Brunswick has two sets of marriages for 1864, but the Town of Berlin has none. The Town of

        Nassau and Lansingburg each have two sets of marriages.  Do some of these belong to other Towns, such

        as the two missing Towns of Grafton and Petersburg?  Click HERE to view. 

    Blooming Grove Reformed Church - Marriages 1831-1862  (Barbara Jeffries)

    Troy - Marriages 1864-1865 from 1865 NY census   (Debby Masterson)  Compare spellings with next two

        transcriptions of same records.

    Troy - Marriages 1864-1865 from 1865 NY census   (Pat Connors)  Compare spellings with previous and next

        transcriptions of same records. 

Troy - Marriages 1864-1865 from 1865 NY census   (Rebecca Rector)  Compare spellings with previous two

        transcriptions of same records.  Locations of marriages not listed.  See previous transcriptions for that.

    Rensselaer Co. - Marriages from 1875 NY Census   (Barbara Jeffries)  These localities should be labelled 

        "Town of" when extracting records, except for Greenbush (present-day Rensselaer), Lansingburgh and

        Troy.  To view, click HERE.

    Troy - Marriages 1874-1875 from 1875 Census   (Pat Connors) 

    Gilead Lutheran Church, Center Brunswick - Marriages 1802-1859   (Barbara Jeffries)

    Marriages from Lansingburgh Newspapers, 1792-1893   (Barbara Jeffries)  The marriages are alphabetized

        sometimes by groom, sometimes by bride, but not by both.  The location of the marriages is not stated. 

        Many are no doubt marriages outside of Lansingburgh.  To access, click HERE.

    Nassau Reformed Church, Marriages 1805-1848   (Barbara Jeffries)

    Schodack Reformed Church, Marriages 1788-1846   (Barbara Jeffries)

    Schaghticoke Dutch Reformed Church - Marriages 1750-1868   (Debby Masterson)

  St. Lawrence's Roman Catholic Church - Marriages 1910-1911 & 1917   (James Corsaro)  To see the same

        records alphabetized by the bride's surname click HERE.   

  St. Lawrence's Roman Catholic Church - Marriages 1929-1930 & 1941   (Lynn Grice)

    Troy - Church of Ascension (Episcopal) - Marriages 1868-1923 (part 1, without witnesses)   (Donald E. Miller)

    Troy - Church of Ascension (Episcopal), Marriages 1868-1923 (part 2, witnesses only)   (Donald E. Miller)

Troy - North Second St. Methodist Episcopal Church - Marriages 1837-1871   (Rebecca Rector)

Troy - North Second St. Methodist Episcopal Church - Marriages 1871-1979   (Rebecca Rector) 

    Troy Marriages - First Presbyterian Church 1793-1814 & State Street Methodist Episcopal Church

        1815-1837   (Barbara Jeffries)  CAUTION:  Two churches are on this web page, although only one is

        mentioned at the top.   Care is needed to prevent recording the wrong church for any extracted records.  

        To access, click HERE.

    Troy - Marriage Announcements in Newspapers 1797-1859   (Barbara Jeffries)  All spellings of a single

        surname are merged together so that you cannot tell which spelling was associated with which person.

        Location of marriages is not stated.  Some no doubt were outside of Troy.

    St. Paul's Episcopal Church of Troy 1805-1829, First Presbyterian Church of Brunswick 1876-1887, and

        First Presbyterian Church of Lansingburgh 1840-1848 - Marriages   (Barbara Jeffries)  CAUTION: Three

        churches are on this webpage.  Check carefully to avoid recording the wrong church.  To access, click HERE.

    Troy - Burden Iron Works Marriage Records, 1881-1895   (Troy Irish Genealogy Society)



    Schuylerville Reformed Church - Marriages 1790-1857   (Jere Hagedorn)  

    Schuylerville Methodist Episcopal Church - Marriages 1854-1869    (Mary Hafler) 



 St. George's Church (Episcopal), Schenectady - Marriages 1771 - 1850 - Alphabetical by GROOM 

            (Robert Vines / Jonathan Pearson IV)  View these same records alphabetized by the names of the BRIDES.

    Schenectady Reformed Church - Marriages 1694-1756   (Betty Fink)  

    Helderbergh, Jerusalem, New Salem [all Albany Co.] and Princetown Reformed Churches - 

        Marriages 1794-1829   (Betty Fink)

    First Reformed Church of Scotia - Marriages 1835-1899   (Donald Keefer / Channon M. Moon)

    Marriages of the First Settlers of Schenectady   (Robert Billard)  CAUTION:  Most of these people were

        probably not married in Schenectady as the webpage implies.  Records were taken from an 1873 publication of

        Schenectady residents by Jonathan Pierson.  Sometimes marriage dates listed in the publication are presented

        on the webpage.  Complete dates would be believable, but the location must be considered to be unknown

        without an actual baptism record.  Just because someone lived in Schenectady is not sufficient reason to think

        that they were also married there.  For most persons no mg. date is mentioned, but Mr. Billard tries to assign a

        marriage year nevertheless, possibly using a computer program of his own design.  Don't believe these partial

        dates.  As an example, Solomon Gardener was listed as a resident of Schenectady in 1754.  In the webpage he is

        listed as being married that year (he may even have been unmarried; all we know is that he lived there). 

        Frequently the publication listed only one of the many children now know to have been born to a family.  Taking

        the bp. date of that child, Mr. Billard tries to assign a decade of the marriage (such as 176?).  He seems to

        falsely assume that only one child was born to the marriage, and that the mg. took place shortly before that bp. 

        My recommendation is to accept the date of mg. if it is complete, but do not assign Schenectady as the location

        of the mg.  Ignore the other dates.  



    Schoharie Reformed Church - Marriages 1732-1739 & 1745-1771   (Betty Fink)

    St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Schoharie - Marriages 1747-1781   (Betty Fink) 




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