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VITAL RECORDS - births & baptisms



  Regular and Delayed Birth Certificates in New York State   (Cliff Lamere)    (11 Feb 2007)

  Finding Records of New York State Births   (Cliff Lamere)    (1 Sep 2009)



    Palatine Baptisms by Rev. Joshua Kocherthal 1708-1719   (J. Christian Krahmer)  From the top to pg 37 &

        47-49.  Includes baptisms in Ulster Co., Dutchess Co., Schoharie Co. and aboard two ships. 

    Selected Births from Several Counties   (Debby Masterson)

    New Amsterdam Reformed Church (New York City) - Baptisms 1639-1730   (Robert Billard)  

    New Amsterdam Reformed Church (New York City) - Baptisms 1731-1800   (Robert Billard) 

    New Amsterdam Reformed Church (New York City) - Baptisms 1639-1730   (Theodore Brassard)

    New Amsterdam Reformed Church (New York City) - Baptisms 1639-1760   (Theodore Brassard) 

         Accessible only one year or a few years at a time.  Use the previous links instead.

    Kingston Reformed Church - Baptisms 1660-1809   (Robert Billard)  



    Albany Reformed Church - Baptisms 1683-1809  (Dave Payne-Joyce)

    Helderbergh Reformed Church, Guilderland - Baptisms 1786-1807   (Betty Fink)

    Albany Lutheran Church (Ebenezer) - Baptisms 1774-1799  (Betty Fink)

    Jerusalem Reformed Dutch Church, Feura Bush - Baptisms 1793-1799   (Betty Fink) 

    New Salem Reformed Church - Baptisms 1786-1788  (Barbara Jeffries)

    Onesquethaw Reformed Church, Tarrytown (near Clarksville) - Baptisms 1840-1852   (Betty Fink)  

    Second Reformed Dutch Church, Town of Berne - Baptisms 1829-1875 (bernehistory)  400 baptisms.

    St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Albany - Baptisms 1757-1759  (Barbara Jeffries)  103 baptisms.

    Westerlo Births 1847-1849  (Barbara Jeffries)



    Chatham - Reformed Church - Baptisms 1843-1870   (Cliff Lamere)  

    Valatie - First Presbyterian Church - Baptisms 1872-1891   (Cliff Lamere)  102 records.  

    Nobletown and Hillsdale Baptisms by Rev. Gideon Bostwick 1770-1793   (Susan Mulvey)

       Nobletown (now Hillsdale) Baptisms by Rev. Roger Viets, 1764 & 1766   (Susan Mulvey)

       Chatham Center Methodist Church - Baptisms 1876 to 1916    (Jane Wood) 



    Athens - First Reformed Church - Baptisms 1826-1901   (Ann Clapper)

    Athens (Loonenburg) - Zion Lutheran Church - Baptisms 1703-1789   (J.B. Beers / Ann Clapper)

    Leeds Reformed Church - Baptisms 1833-1888    (Royden Woodward Vosburgh / Arlene Goldwin)  

    West Durham - Second Presbyterian Church - Baptisms 1815-1872   (Sylvia Hasenkopf)  Includes Church

        Membership 1816 - 1831 and Dismissions 1818 - 1824.  

    Catskill Presbyterian Church - Baptisms 1840-1875   (Gertrude A. Barber / trans. Coralynn Brown)

        Starts at middle of webpage, goes to the end.   



  Index to Rev. Toll's Lost Reformed Church Baptisms (1807-1834)   (Cliff Lamere)  These baptisms were

        conducted in the old Town of Canajoharie.  The index is to both parents and children. 

     Fultonville Reformed Church + Auriesville & Sprakers Reformed Church - Baptisms 1868-1883

        (Mrs. Edward B. Irish, et al.)  Unpublished records of Rev. Francis M. Kip, Jr.

     St. John's Reformed Church, St. Johnsville - Baptisms 1788-1794 (in Dutch)   (St. John's Reformed Church)

        A great number of baptisms for such a short span of years.

     Caughnawaga (Fonda) Reformed Church Baptisms (1760-1776)   (Nancy Knechtel) 

     Queen Anne's Chapel at Fort Hunter, Selected Baptisms 1735-1745   (Nancy Knechtel)



    Blooming Grove Reformed Church - Births 1812-1865  (Barbara Jeffries)  Probably in chronological

        order of the baptisms.

    Gilead Lutheran Church - Brunswick (Town of) - Baptisms 1777-1782  (Betty Fink) 

    First Presbyterian Church, Brunswick 1812-1832 and Society of Friends (Quakers), Troy

        1743-1840 - Births & Baptisms   (Barbara Jeffries)  CAUTION:  Two churches are on this page,

         but only one is mentioned in the title.  Be careful not to record wrong church.  

         To access, click HERE.

    Schaghticoke Dutch Reformed Church - Baptisms 1750-1868   (Debby Masterson)

    Troy - St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Baptisms 1804-1826   (Barbara Jeffries)

Troy - North Second St. Methodist Episcopal Church - Baptisms 1837-1871   (Rebecca Rector)   

    Troy - Church of Ascension (Episcopal) - Baptisms 1868-1923   (Don Miller /USGenWeb)

    Wynantskill Reformed Protestant Dutch Church - Baptisms 1794-1867   (Debby Masterson)

    Rensselaer Co. - Baptism Records for 25 churches (some no longer available)  (GenWeb)

    Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Greenbush - Births and Baptisms 1788-1928   (Debby Masterson)  



    Ballston Spa - Christ Church (Episcopal) - Baptisms 1793 - 1853   (Sarah Sully)

    Schuylerville Methodist-Episcopal Church - Baptisms 1851-1869    (Mary Hafler)



  St. George's Church (Episcopal), Schenectady - Baptisms 1767 - 1788  (Robert Vines / Jonathan Pearson IV)

     Schenectady Reformed Church - Baptisms 1694-1723   (Betty Fink)  

     Woestina Reformed Church - Baptisms 1800-1811   (Channon M. Moon)  The church was located in Hoffmans

         (Town of Glenville) until 1812 when it was moved south across the Mohawk River ice to Pattersonville. 

     First Reformed Church of Scotia - Infant Baptisms 1835-1881   (Donald Keefer / Channon M. Moon)  

     First Reformed Church of Scotia - Adult Baptisms 1832-1881   (Donald Keefer / Channon M. Moon)

     Baptisms (all) of the First Reformed Church of Scotia, 1882-1899   (Donald Keefer / Channon M. Moon)  

     Baptisms of the First Settlers of Schenectady   (Robert Billard)  CAUTION:  These records are taken from a

         publication by Jonathan Pierson.  The publication mentions many baptism dates.  Mr. Billard wrongly assumes

         that all of the children were baptized in Schenectady, whereas a great number of them were performed in

         nearby Albany.  Disregard any bp. dates that had a ? in them.  They are just guesses.  I don't think even the

         decade is correct in many cases.  



    Schoharie Reformed Church 1728-1738 & 1744-1748   (Betty Fink)  Baptisms not  recorded 1738-1743.

    St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Schoharie - Baptisms 1731-1742   (Betty Fink)  

    St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Schoharie - Baptisms 1743-1757   (NYGenWeb)

    Blenheim Reformed Church - Baptisms 1794-1825   (Sandra Charles /USGenWeb)  Many of these records are

        baptisms.  For many others, the child seems to have a last name different from the parents.  This could be a

        middle name, but there are so many of them, and often they are not the mother's maiden name.




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