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SEARCH ENGINES  -  on other websites


SEARCH ENGINES FOR NYGENWEB & ROOTSWEB COUNTY SITES - search all records on each site 

    Albany Co. NYGenWeb - Search Engine 

    Columbia Co. NYGenWeb - no search engine

    Greene Co. #2 - Search Engine 

    Greene Co. NYGenWeb - Search Engine   This is a hybrid site; partly genealogical records and largely NY

        genealogical and historical books for sale.  The search engine looks through book indexes sold by the

        sponsor, plus synopses of the books, plus the records on the site.  The records that I saw were alphabetical

        by surname.  To do a search for Craig Winne, you will likely have better results by searching for    

        Winne, Craig  .  Or, just search for the surname.  

    Herkimer Co. NYGenWeb - Search Engine

    Montgomery Co. NYGenWeb - Search Engine

    Rensselaer Co. - Search Engine 

    Rensselaer Co. #2 (ALHN & AHGP) - no search engine

    Saratoga Co. NYGenWeb - Search Engine  

    Schenectady Co. NYGenWeb - Search Engine 

    Schoharie Co. NYGenWeb 



    RootsWeb Search Engines  A powerful site consisting of many search engines.  GREAT.

    Google Search Engine  (google)  Outstanding for genealogy.  Searches 2.6 billion webpages in less than 1

        second.  Enter a surname followed by the word genealogy or family and you may be surprised at the

        result.  Enter any given name and surname between quotation marks.  Repeat this with names reversed.

    Social Security Death Index (1935-present)  (RootsWeb)  Better than next.

    Social Security Death Index  (   Use previous. 

    USGenWeb Archives Search Engine - National Search  (USGenWeb)

    Burial Records (579,134 records in 2,108 cemeteries) - Search Engine  (Cemetery Records Online)

    WebWide Surname Locator   (cribbswh) 

    Burial Records (2.5 million) - Search Engine  (Find A Grave)

    Palatines plus other German immigrants  (Palatines to America)  Incomplete database.  Data not verified.

    Genealogy Portal  (Genealogy Portal)  Searches many web sources.

    Bureau Of Land Management  (US Dept. of Interior)  Search for ancestors who went west from NY.

    Latter-Day Saints Website  (LDS)  A wonderful contribution to genealogical research as long as you

        understand that much of the data was submitted by people doing their own family trees, and that LDS

        cannot check such data for accuracy.  What you often get is another person's opinion, and that should not 

        be accepted by you until you have been able to confirm the information in a more reliable source.  The

        LDS site is an excellent starting place for clues, but not for final answers.  

    Gendex -- WWW Genealogical Index - Search Engine  (Gendex)

    WorldConnect at RootsWeb  (RootsWeb)  Searches for names in submitted gedcoms. 

    Making of America - at Cornell University  (Cornell University)  Has many complete books which were

        published 1815-1926.  A new feature allows you to choose to convert the graphic page images to text in

        some of the books.  The search engine will search only through the converted books.  Be aware that many

        mistakes have unavoidably resulted from the conversion process.  As a result, many names that are

        present in the book have been misspelled in ways you could never guess (with numbers or symbols rather

        than letters).  Nevertheless, the books are far more useable than before this feature was added.




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