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RESEARCH AIDS    (genealogy)


  Finding Records in New York State   (Cliff Lamere)  Lists sources of NY information and important dates.

  Regular and Delayed Birth Certificates in New York State   (Cliff Lamere) 

  NY Vital Records Certificates - Understanding How the State Processes Them   (Cliff Lamere)  Information

         probably not available elsewhere.  Includes reasons why, after you wait 13 months, the State might tell

         you that they don't have a certificate even though they do.  And they keep your $22. 

  NY State Law of 2003 Affects Prices of Vital Records Certificates   (Cliff Lamere)

  Delayed Vital Records Certificates    (Cliff Lamere)  Many certificates are issued decades after the event.

  Reporting of 1909 Vital Records and why you may never find the records you are looking for  

         (Ruth Ann Messick)

  Counties of the United States - complete list   (Cliff Lamere)  The majority of USGenWeb county 

         websites on RootsWeb have identical addresses except for the ending 2-letter state code followed by the 

         first six letters of the name of the county.  You can guess at the address and it will usually work.  

  Abbreviations of the State Names of the US   (Cliff Lamere)  Standard and Postal Service.   

  Finding County Websites for Genealogical Research   (Cliff Lamere)   

  County Seats of New York State   (Cliff Lamere)  Where most NY records are kept.  

  Books of Vital Records Available from Kinship    (Cliff Lamere)  Does not include books of cemetery records.

  Social Security Death Indexes Online  (Cliff Lamere)  6 sites, most inaccurate.  Pick the best one to use.   

        (4 Nov 2005) 

  Birthdate Calculator    (Cliff Lamere)  Uses date of death and age at death.  Accurate. 

     Calendar & Birthdate Calculator    (Calisto)  British.  Accurate.  Download a zip or self-extracting .exe file.

         Has the advantage that you don't have to be online to use it.  Excellent. 

    Perpetual Calendar   (Herb Weiner)  Click on non-Java Calendar.   

    Counties and County Seats of New York State  (Fact Index)

    Genealogy Terms    (Sam Behling)  Extensive.  

    Genealogy Abbreviations    (Sam Behling)  Extensive. 

    Steps that can be taken in Genealogical Research   (Michael John Neill)  

    Genealogy Forms   (familyeducation) 

    Genealogy Forms   (Duane & Mary Bailey)   

    Genealogy Forms   (Judith Haller)  Includes many for Macintosh computers. 

    Genealogy Forms   (gwinnetths) 

    Relationship Table   (Michael Goad)  How you are related to another person, alive or dead.  

    Archaic Diseases - Causes of Death   (Genealogy Quest)

    Glossary of Ancient Diseases   (Lorine McGinnis Schulze) 

    Colonial Diseases and Cures    (Sam Behling) 

    Glossary of Old Medical Terms   (Pearl Wilson) 

    List of Old Medical Terms   (Daniel H. Burrows)  Includes links to six additional lists.

    American & Worldwide Epidemics 1657-1918   (genealogy-quest)   

    Colonial Occupations    (Sam Behling)  Extensive. 

    List of Occupations   (John Lacomb)  Long.

    List of Occupations   (genealogy-quest)

    Dutch Occupations   (Willem Rabbelier)  Very long.  Author is Dutch.  

    Columbia Encyclopedia   (bartleby)  Excellent.

    Encyclopaedia Britannica   (britannica) Previous encyclopedia gives more complete answers.  For this one,

        before doing a search choose "Encyclopaedia Only" from drop-down menu.

    Netherlands Telephone Directory   You can search for a surname by region of the country.  Given names are

        not listed, but the initials are. 

    Roadside Historic Markers of NY   (NYS Museum)  Get complete list, or search by county.  

    Timeline of Early NY Colonization and Events, New York City to Albany   (David Minor)

    Timeline For Your Ancestor   (ourtimelines)  Enter your ancestor's name and life dates to see what was

        happening during his/her lifetime. 




  Julian and Gregorian Calendars - Effect on Church and Civil Records   (Cliff Lamere)  

  Asking for Genealogical Help in New York State   (Cliff Lamere)  Partially duplicates the previous entry.

             Lists many sources of NY information and some important dates.  Tells what information you should

             include if you want someone to give you advice on where to look for your NY ancestor. 

  Newspaper Microfilms Can be Borrowed from the NYS Library   (Cliff Lamere)  Microfilms of NY

             newspapers can be borrowed from anywhere in the US by using interlibrary loan. 

  1991 US Supreme Court Decision Concerning Copyright and Compilations of Facts  (Cliff Lamere)  Good

            news for genealogists. 

  City Directories as a Research Tool   (Cliff Lamere)  They may contain death dates, the name of the new

            spouse, and the city to which a person had moved.

 The Need for an Estimated Birth Year in Your Genealogy Program  (Cliff Lamere)

      Double Dates    (W.H. Roll)  

      RootsWeb's Guide to Tracing Family Trees   (RootsWeb)  31 lessons for genealogists. 

      Tutorials for Genealogists   (genhelp)  





  1880 Soundex Index to the US Census for New York State   (Joan Gafney)  LDS Microfilms.  
  1900 Soundex Index to the US Census for New York State   (Joan Gafney)  LDS Microfilms.  
  1920 Soundex Index to the US Census for New York State   (Joan Gafney)  LDS Microfilms.  
      Church Marriages and Baptisms for Most NY Counties  (LDS)   (Barb Baxter) 



  Censuses & Soundex Indexes for Albany Co. (1790-1925)   (Joan Gafney)  LDS Microfilms. 



  Montgomery Co. Naturalization and Citizenship Records 1810-1955 (LDS)   (Leita Brown) 



    Troy City Directories 1829-1935   (LDS)  Some years also list Lansingburgh, which became part of Troy in

        1900 and is sometimes called N. Troy.  Cohoes, West Troy (present city of Watervliet which formed in 1896)

        and Green Island are in Albany Co.  They are also listed for many years, even before the LDS titles show

        them.  Likewise for Waterford in Saratoga Co.




  Diary of Ida Mae McIntosh Gardinier - 1893   (Mary Ann Gardinier Hoffmann)  Canastota, Madison Co., NY 

  Corrections of Some Gardenier Message Board Posts   (Cliff Lamere)  

     Humorous Genealogy Sayings   (Linda Haas Davenport)

     Genealogical Standards    (National Genealogical Society)




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