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  Dutch System of Naming Children   (Cliff Lamere)  Descendants of a Van Slyk/Van Valkenburgh marriage 

           are used as an example.  Also, two Van Slyk/Gardenier families.  

  Patronymics, Surnames, and Dutch Naming of Children   (Cliff Lamere)  

  Glossary of Some Dutch Given Names and Their English Translations   (Cliff Lamere)  58 names.

     English Equivalents of Dutch Names  (Richard Frisbie /Hope Farm Press)   About 150 names.

     Dutch Names and their English Equivalents    (unknown)  About 150 names. 

     Lexicon of Dutch and Frisian baptismal names and their English equivalents   (Annette Campbell)

     Dutch Baptismal Names   (Donna Speer Ristenbatt) 

     Dutch Names and Dutch Naming of Children   (Lorine McGinnis Schulze)  

     Dutch Surnames Formed from Patronymics   (Donna Speer Ristenbatt)

     Dutch Patronymics (and Dutch Surnames) in the 1600s    (Lorine McGinnis Schulze)  This webpage is about

         surnames as much as it is about patronymics.  In the final list of names, each time the word "of" is used,

         interpret it as meaning "is" or "was".   

     Some Dutch Surnames of Old Ulster County, NY   (John Bodine Thompson)

     Meanings of Dutch Surnames    (MyFamily)  



    Old Dutch Handwriting   (Willem Rabbelier)  Shows upper case and lower case examples of each  letter.  

    Learn Dutch   (Chris Sonnemans)  Online Dutch language course.

    Integral Dutch Course   (unknown)  

    Learning Dutch   (Taalthuis)  Includes pronunciation, using audio files.

    Dutch-English On-line Dictionary   (Travlang)

    English-Dutch On-line Dictionary   (Travlang)

    On-line Dictionary.  Dutch-English and English-Dutch   (Taalthuis)  Click on "On line Dutch dictionary"

    History of the Dutch Language   (NedWeb)  Can be read in English, Dutch, or German.  

    Dutch Genealogical Word List   (LDS)  


NAMES & NAMING (non-Dutch)

  Puritan Naming of Children in Massachusetts   (David Hackett Fischer)

     German System of Naming Children    (Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.)  Excellent description.  Written about

          Pennsylvania, it applies also to New York and elsewhere as well.  

     Palatine German Pattern of Naming Children   (Kilts Family Newsletter /fortklock)

     German Names in America   (shea) 

     Importance of Given Names in Genealogical Research   (Donna Przech).  Includes a section on the standard

         method of naming children in England 1700-1875.  It was probably the same for English families in the US. 

     Most Popular US Given Names from 1880 to 1919   (Social Security Administration)

     Most Popular US Given Names from 1920 to 1959   (Social Security Administration) 

     Most Popular US Given Names from 1960 to 1997   (Social Security Administration) 

How Many People Had a Certain Name in 1990 US census?    (HowManyOfMe)  (29 Jan 2007)

     Given names - the etymology and history of first names   (behindthename)  Includes lists of names, the sources

         from which names have been derived, and search engines.  

     List of Names with their Nickname Equivalents   (Sue Roe)

     List of 18th and 19th Century American Nicknames    (Connecticut State Library)  (9 Nov 2006)

     A Brief History of American Names (Edgar's Name Pages) (9 Nov 2006)  Check the home page for much more.

     American Surnames - Where They Come From   (Elsdon C. Smith)

     Surnames - How They Developed   (John Bodine Thompson) 

     Spelling and Misspelling Names and Words   (  Helps us understand the many spellings that 

         can exist for the surname spellings which descended from a single surname.

     Surname Meanings    (MyFamily)  British, Celtic, Danish, Dutch, European, French, Gaelic, German, Greek,

         Hebrew, Irish, Latin, Saxon, Scottish, Welsh. 




    Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary   (brittanica)

    American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language   (bartleby)

    Dictionary of Legal Terms   (John Bouvier, 1856)  

    Language Translator   (SDL International)  Translates sentences from English into German, French,

        Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Norwegian (or vice versa).  

    German / English Dictionary (Translator)   (leo) 

    Latin / English Dictionary   (cuhk) 

    Latin / English Dictionary   (Tufts) 

    Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid  (U of Notre Dame) 



    List of Abbreviations   (genealogy-quest) 

    Extended ASCII Characters   (pcscomp)  Foreign and other characters:  , , ,  , , , , , , , etc.

    Acronyms (abbreviations)   (acronymfinder)  Has a search engine. 

    Deciphering Old Handwriting   (Sabina J. Murray)  A great aid for anyone looking at old censuses, deeds, wills,

        etc.  Shows examples of old handwriting.

    Genealogy Dictionary   ( 

    Genealogy Terms   (genealogy-quest)  

    French Genealogical Word List   (LDS)

    Latin Words in Church Records   (genealogy-quest) 




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