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    The Dutch Declaration of Independence, 1581   (fordham)  "This Calvinistic document served as a model for

        the U.S. Declaration of Independence." 

    History of the Netherlands   (aganse)  

    History of the Netherlands - A Timeline   (Willem Rabbelier) 

    Short History of The Netherlands   (Leo Akershoek)  Copy this to an email or word processor in order to read.



    Primary Source Documents Pertaining to Early American History   (Rick Gardiner)  A massive number of

        transcibed documents, books (including biographies, histories and bibles), collections of letters, and much

        more, mainly arranged chronologically. 

    Founders of Early American Families - Emigrants from Europe 1607-1657   (Meredith B. Colket, Jr.)  

    Slavery and Religion in America: A Time Line 1440-1866   (Carrie Bickner /Internet Public Library)



    Virtual Tour of New Netherland   (New Netherland Project)  Go to bottom and "Begin Virtual Tour".   

    Dutch and Swedish settlements in North America    (Marco Ramerini) 

    History of New York State, 1523-1927 - Vol. 5    (Dr. James Sullivan /On-line Books) 

    Dutch West Indies Company    (Willem Rabbelier)  

    200 ships and 900 foot wall found in Hudson River   (Kirk Johnson)  Wall may be over 3000 years old.   

    New York's First Constitution - Charter of Liberties and Privileges - 1683   (montauk) 

    Laws and Ordinances of New Netherland 1638-1674 - E.B. O'Callaghan (c. 1868)   (MOA-Cornell)  

    Genealogical notes of New York and New England families by S. V. Talcott  (c. 1883)   (MOA-Cornell)

         Many Albany references.  Index of New York State Families.

    NY History in the Hudson Valley  (  Did you know that the Americans once put a chain across

         the Hudson River to prevent the British from sailing up it?  Each link weighed 140-180 pounds.  Read

         about it, and more (click on Virtual History Tour).  Another article is about the "History of Hudson River

         Ferry Service".

   Pirates on the Hudson in the 1600s   (E. Davis / Cliff Lamere) 

    Brickmaking Along the Hudson River   (dutchdoorgenealogy)  Includes a list of brickmaking companies.

    Fine Art of Brickmaking by Hand - about 1850   (Rick Bonomo)  Excellent.  See also sitemap.

    Travel in the Hudson River Valley in 1851 - by boat or railroad   (Bradbury & Guild)  Lists cities and villages

        along the Hudson, from south to north, and gives some information about each.  

    A Bit of Dutch History   (Donna Speer Ristenbatt)

    Discussion of Dutch Architecture   (Wayne Franklin)  Includes illustrations of three old houses.  

    New Netherland   (George M. Welling)

    New York State History  (Book Look)  Images of book pages.  Authors or publication dates not given. 

        Includes "The Patroons of New Netherlands", "Indentured Servitude in Colonial New York", and 

        "Hudson River Stage Coaches".

    The Failure of West India Company Farming on the Island of Manhattan   (Jan Folkerts)

    Colonial Currency in NY 1709-1792 (photos)   (Louis Jordan)  For currencies of other colonial states click here.

    Indian Wampum (Seawant) as Colonial Money   (Louis Jordan)  To see photos of wampum click here.

    The Hudson Valley Indians Through Dutch Eyes   (Jack Campisi)  

    The Role of the Dutch in the Iroquois Wars   (Peter Lowensteyn) 

    The Life and Times of Henry Hudson, Explorer and Adventurer   (Ian Chadwick)  Extensive, illustrated article

         in six parts.  Includes family tree.

  Log of the Rensselaerswyck (1636-1637)  (Bernadette Schaaf)  Day by day log of events on this sailing ship. 

          Storm VanDerZee ("from the sea") was born aboard during a storm.  Trip ended in Albany.

    Who was Henry Hudson Anyway? And What Happened to Him?   (hudsonriver) 

    Building the Replica of the Half Moon   (HRMR) 

    Introduction to Historical Interpretation of the Halve Maen (Half Moon)   (HRMM)  Instructions for crew

        members.  Very interesting.  Includes photos. 

    History of early New York - by Theodore Roosevelt (1899)   (bartleby)  14 chapters, scores of topics listed.

        History of New York City, but deals with many colonial issues such as the Tea Act.  Discusses slavery of

        Indians and Africans, and much, much more.

    Wine Making in the Hudson River Valley   (Rebecca Haynes) 

    Palatine History   (Lorine McGinnis Schulze) 

    History of the Palatine Emigration to America   (Kathryn Parker)  Excellent.  Tragic.  

    Dates of Formation of the Towns of the Counties of Albany, Columbia, Greene, Rensselaer, Saratoga,

        Schenectady and Schoharie  (David Kendall Martin /NYG&B)  A wonderful presentation. 

        There is an error in the Rensselaer Co. table.  It says "Rensselaerwyck (named Greenbush 1792)".  After

        communicating with the author, I believe that statement should read "Town of Greenbush, formed 1792 from

        the East District of the Manor of Rensselaerswyck". 

    Drums Along the Mohawk - The American Revolution on the New York Frontier   (Greg Ketcham) 

    Dutch Barns   (Don Rittner)  Published 28 Nov 2000. 



  Early Albany Timeline, 1609-1683   (Cliff Lamere)  

  Colonial Albany and Rensselaerswyck - a brief history   (Peter Christoph)

  Albany - A Short History 1609-1890s   (John W. Mangrum) 

  Formation of the City of Watervliet - Timeline  1788-1896  (Craig Carlson / Cliff Lamere)

  New York Counties - Dates of Formation   (Jack Jowett)  

     Fort Orange  (NYS Museum)  1624 fur trading post at what is now Albany. 

     Archeology of Fort Orange and Beverwijck   (Paul R. Huey)  

     Uncovering Fort Orange in Early 1970s    (Don Rittner)  Published 17 Oct 2000.  

     Beverwyck (NYS Museum)  Albany before 1664.  

     Dutch Albany   (Times Union)  A series of 27 articles published 10 Apr 2002 as a special section of the 

         Times Union newspaper.   

     Dutch Meanings of Geographic Locations in Albany and Nearby Counties    (Times Union) 

     Rensselaerswyck (NYS Museum) 

     Albany Charter   (NYS Museum)

     Albany Congress (1754)  (NYS Museum)

  Winne House (c. 1751) in Town of Bethlehem Found Inside Newer House   (Times Union)  

***  Districts of Albany County, New York (1700s)   (David Kendall Martin /NYG&B)  A wonderful presentation. 

            Includes very helpful maps for early locations.  There are also tables. There is an error in the

            Rensselaer Co. table.  It says "Rensselaerwyck (named Greenbush 1792)".  After communicating with

            the author, I believe that statement should read "Town of Greenbush, formed 1792 from the East

            District of the Manor of Rensselaerswyck". 

    Schuyler Flats   (NYS Museum)  3 miles north of Albany at northern part of the village of Menands.   

    Albany gets right to buy 500 acres from Schaghticoke Indians   (NYS Museum)

    Biographies (300) of People in Colonial Albany   (NYS Museum)

    Albany City Streets Which Changed Their Names - 1890 names and former names   (Dennis J. Smith)

    1911 NY State Library Fire And Its Effect On New York Genealogy   (Harry Macy, Jr. /NYG&B)

    "The history of Cohoes, New York, from its earliest settlement to the present time"  (1877) by 

        Arthur H. Masten   (MOA-Cornell)  The book can be viewed as page images, or text which can be copied to

        your computer.

    Albany Dutch Reformed Minister (John Megapolensis) Describes the Iroquois (1644)   (primary sources)

    Labor and Industry in Troy and Cohoes: A Brief History   (Gerald Zahavi / Susan McCormick) 

    Town of Coeymans - a short history   (coeymans) 

    History of the Town and Village of Rensselaerville   (Upper Hudson Library System)

    Rensselaerville - Grist Mill Ledger, Town History, Contents of the Rensselaerville HS Research Collection  

        (Upper Hudson Library System) 

    Palatines Settle the Town of Berne   (Harold H. Miller)

    German Refugees: First Settlers in the Helderberg "Mountains" of Albany Co.   (Harold H. Miller) 

    Dietz Massacre (1781, Town of Berne)   (Hal Miller) 

    Cohoes Falls   (City of Cohoes) 

    Cohoes - General History   (City of Cohoes) 

    Cohoes Mastodon   (City of Cohoes)  Skeleton on display at NYS Museum.  

    Cohoes - Van Schaick Mansion   (City of Cohoes)

    Albany area towns, cities and villages   (Univ. of Minnesota)  Using these tables you can figure about when

        some places changed their names or became large enough to be cities, villages, etc. 

    A Capsule History of the Development of the Trolley System in Albany   (anonymous)

    Albany City and County Poor House - 1857  (Linda Crannell)  



   Valatie has Quite a History    (Mindy Potts) 

   Stuyvesant: A Simple Town with a Grand History   (Mindy Potts) 

   Brickmaking in Columbia Co., NY    (Mindy Potts) 

  Claverack: A Trove of Hidden Treasures    (Mindy Potts) 

   Niverville: From Wilderness to Thriving Community    (Mindy Potts) 

   Historic Stottville and its Distinctive Businesses   (Mindy Potts)

   Adventist Mansion in Livingston   (Mindy Potts)  

   Little Columbiaville and its Big History   (Mindy Potts)

   Historic Waters of Copake, NY   (Mindy Potts)  

   Electric Park on Kinderhook Lake    (Mindy Potts)

   The British are Coming to Clermont   (Mindy Potts)

  Van Buren Historic Site   (Mindy Potts) 

  Letter Concerning the Ill Treatment of the Citizens of Noble Town (1766)   (Susan Mulvey)

      History of Columbia County, New York - by Captain Franklin Ellis (1878) (Susan Mulvey)

      History of the Towns, Villages, and City of Hudson - by Captain Franklin Ellis (1878) (Susan Mulvey)  

      How the Towns Developed  (NYGenWeb)  Nice tables that include dates.  Background color is tiring to eyes.

      Columbia Co. Names, Their Meanings and Historical Significance   (Alton E. Skinkle)  

      Kinderhook and Martin Van Buren   (kinderhookconnection)  

      Columbia Co. History  (Gil Leach)

      1878 - Biographies from "History of Columbia County, NY" by Franklin Ellis   (NYGenWeb)

      Columbia Co. Names, Their Meanings and Historical Significance  (Alton E. Skinkle /NYGenWeb)  

          Excellent history of name changes, often including the earlier Indian name.

      Some Kinderhook History   (kinderhookconnection)  With paintings of Martin Van Buren. 

      Hudson as a whaling village  (Herbert K. Saxe)  Founded by Quaker whalers, Hudson was a whaling village

          1785-1845.  Made candles from sperm oil.  The oil was also burned in lamps until kerosene replaced it.   

      Whaling Fleets of the Hudson River    (Carl Carmer)  Chapter 15 from "The Hudson".   



    Greene County Town(ship)s - A Timeline   (nygreen2)

    Population of Each Town(ship) in Greene Co. 1810-1880   (nygreen2)



    Gloversville, or the Model Village - Horace Sprague (1859)   (MOA-Cornell)

    Montgomery Co. History - from French's Gazetteer 1860   (NYGenWeb)  

    Montgomery Co. History - 1869-1870   (Joan Veeder) 



     A Brief History of Rensselaer County   (rensco)

  Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY in 1869   (Andrew Boyd / Cliff Lamere)

  Life in the Alleyways of Troy N.Y. During the 19th Century   (Jeanne M. Keefe)  Includes list of 132 people.  

     Metropolis on the Hudson [Troy]   (Don Rittner)  Published 28 Nov 2003.  

     Van Rensselaer Houses in Rensselaer Co.   (Don Rittner)  Published 4 Nov 2003.  

     Troy's Ground Water - Used by Beverage Companies in the Past  (Don Rittner)  Pub. 14 Oct 2003.  

     Troy's Urban Legends   (Don Rittner)  Published 21 Oct 2003.  

     Troy's Contribution to the Civil War   (Don Rittner)  Published 13 Jun 2000.  

     Meneely Bells in Troy   (Don Rittner)  Published 8 Jun 1999.  

     Amusement Park in Troy (1867-1917)   (Don Rittner)  Published 12 Apr 1999.  

     Troy - Birthplace of American Geology? [not genealogy]    (Don Rittner)  Published 13 Jul 1999.  

     Troy's Ferries - 1707-1911 or later    (Don Rittner)  Published 14 Sep 1999.  

     Troy's First Inhabitants - Native Americans    (Don Rittner)  Published 31 Jan 2000.  

     Types of Stone Used in Troy Buildings    (Don Rittner)  Published 7 Mar 2000.  

     Theft and Sale of Troy's Architecture    (Don Rittner)  Published 21 Mar 2000.  

     Troy's Ironworks Factories    (Don Rittner)  Published 25 Jul 2000.  

     Troy's Beginnings    (Don Rittner)  Published 2 Aug 2000.  

     Troy's Cemeteries    (Don Rittner)  Published 3 Oct 2000.  

     Bridges Across the Hudson River in Troy and Surrounding Area    (Don Rittner)  Published 12 Dec 2000.  

     Lansingburgh - Part I    (Don Rittner)  Published 7 Aug 2001.  Part II (14 Aug 2001).  Part III (4 Sep 2001).

            Part IV (11 Sep 2001)  

     Middleburgh, a Village Between Troy and Lansinburgh    (Don Rittner)  Published 1 Oct 2002.  

     Other Article by Don Rittner    (Don Rittner)  

     Labor and Industry in Troy and Cohoes: A Brief History   (Gerald Zahavi / Susan McCormick) 

     Rensselaer Co. Towns & Villages - dates of formation   (Debby Masterson)  Click on a name to get an early

         history of that Town(ship).  

     Troy area towns, cities and villages   (Univ. of Minnesota)  Using these tables you can figure about when

         some places changed their names or became large enough to be cities, villages, etc.

      A Brief History of the Village of Nassau, 1600-1953   (John Chapman)

      Town of Hoosick 1900-2000   (Gilbert E. Wright)

      Town of Hoosick   (Gilbert E. Wright)  Much history and many biographies are available at the bottom of the

         left frame and at the bottom of the Home page.  



    1878 - History of Saratoga County, New York by Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester   (Bill Carr) 

        Complete with illustrations.

    Some History and People of Saratoga County Along the Mohawk River   (John Scherer)  Includes such areas

        as Canastigione, Vischer Ferry, and Fort's Ferry. 

    Erie Canal was Grand With or Without a Mule Named Sal   (John Scherer)   

    1880 - Reminiscences of Saratoga and Ballston by William L. Stone   (NYGenWeb)  40 chapters, illustrations.

    The Battles of Saratoga   (Matt C. and Trey F.)

    The Defeat and Surrender of General Burgoyne at the Battle of Saratoga   (nycap)  As told by the wife of

        the Commander of the Hessian (German) troops in Burgoyne's army. 



    Schenectady - History of the City and County (pub. 1913)  (Schenectady Co. Public Library)  Lengthy.

    Schenectady Timeline (1642-1917)  (Schenectady Co. Public Library)

    History of Schenectady County (pub. 1848)   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)

    History of Schenectady County - Links to Maps and Histories   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)

    The History of Education in Schenectady, 1661-62 -- 1961-62   (Schenectady Co. Public Library) 




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