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    American-Canadian Genealogical Society   Includes books of Catholic baptism, marriage and death records in 

        the counties of Schenectady, Rensselaer, Albany and Saratoga.  

    Berkshire Family History Association   This Massachusetts group has created a large number of indexes

        to 19th century histories that lacked an index.  Many of New York's counties are included.  Prices 

        include shipping at this writing.  

    Genealogical Publishing Co. (& Clearfield Co.)   The soft cover on my Clearfield copy of the Albany

        Dutch Reformed Church records is quite unsatisfactory.  The pages began coming out after 2-3 months. 

    Higginson Books Company - American Local & County Histories   $12 extra per hardbinding of paperbacks. 

        Books printed on acid-free paper.  

    Hope Farm Press & Bookshop   Over 300 NY genealogy books for sale.

    Kinship   Eastern NY genealogy books by Arthur C.M. Kelly.  These are an important contribution to genealogy.

        Some of the new full-sized, softcover versions are not completely readable, however.  The text or index is 

        often down inside the binding, sometimes even behind a very thick staple which cannot be removed without

        ruining the pages.  You should check before you order because they won't allow you to return anything despite

        what they might say.  A major researcher and I have both given up trying  to get better copies or refunds or an

        exchange for another item.  CD versions of Kelly's previously published records were not always transferred

        accurately by the transferring company.  On a baptism CD by Ancestry, all Gardiniers are listed as Gordiniers,

        unlike the spelling in the transcription of the Caughnawaga RDC records from which they were taken. 

        Therefore, you can't find them.  On a Family Tree Maker CD, way too many people were erroneously assigned

        to an Austerlitz, Columbia Co. cemetery (I have been told that that CD is no longer being sold).   

        "Names, Names & More Names - Locating Your Ancestors in Colonial America" by Mr. Kelly (1999) is one of

        my favorite books.  Published softbound by Ancestry, the center pages began falling out in 1-1 years, and the

        book is ready to break into two halves along the inadequate paper spine.  

    Purple Mountain Press   Books about the history and people of New York State.

    Ye Olde Directory Shoppe   (Maureen Readey)  Has CDs of directories, mostly 1859, for various cities in New

        York and other states, including one directory each for Albany and Troy .  The 2002 price is $9.50 for CD's.

        Shipping is $2.25 first class for 1-2 CD's (before next postal rate increase).   Hit Back button to view the

        Pricing Guide which includes fees for other types of shipping.  Check Monthly Sales.

    15 Generation Pedigree Chart    (Grant Misbach)  This blank chart can be filled in with the dates and places

        of birth, marriage and death.  The blank spaces are labelled B, W, M, W, D, W.  W may mean Where.




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