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  Reformed Churches in US & Canada   (Cliff Lamere)  Information for about 980 churches includes name,

         address, phone number, email address, and website address.  Lenghthy file.  Takes awhile to load. 

  Reformed Churches in US & Canada - part 2   (Cliff Lamere)  980 churches sorted by state and locality. 

  Reformed Church Websites in the US & Canada in the year 2000   (Cliff Lamere) 

  Brief History of the Methodist-Episcopal Church in America   (Cliff Lamere) 

     Photos of Many Reformed Churches   (Reformed Church in America)  Use this search engine to get

          information on any current Reformed Church.  About 5-10% of the search results will be accompanied 

          by a photo of the church.

      History of  The United Methodist Church (including the Methodist Episcopal Church)   (umc)  

      History of the Methodist Episcopal Church (5 volumes)   (Nathan Bangs)  Beliefs of the early M.E. Church. 



  Dutch Reformed Churches in NY 1850-1870   (Cliff Lamere)  This is a table showing the number of these 

         churches in each NY county. 

  Website and Other Information for Local Churches and National Church Organizations   (Cliff Lamere)

          Contains information on churches in eight religions.  Includes the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany

         and Episcopal Diocese of Albany.  Both have information on churches in all counties on this website

     Churches of New York State   (churchangel)  Contains contact information.  

  Catholic Parishes as Sources of Genealogical Information  (Father Dennis Hughes)

     Catholic Parishes (196) in the Albany Diocese (14 counties)   (Roman Catholic Diocese)  Location, phone no.

     Episcopal Diocese of Albany (19 counties)   (Albany Episcopal Diocese)  Church information.

     Reformed Dutch and Lutheran Churches in NY   (Rebecca Rector)  Extensive list of books available from the 

         New York State Library, the library of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, and a book publisher.



  Early Churches in Albany Co. (1642-1835)   (Graham Louer / Cliff Lamere)  A partial list.   

  Church Sunday Schools in the City of Albany in 1856   (Ernie Shea)

  Cohoes Churches - Some History   (Breea Willingham / Times Union)  

     Churches in the City of Albany before 1776   (NYS Museum)

  Churches in the City of Albany in 1856   (Ernie Shea)

     Churches in the City of Albany in 2003   (  Name, address, phone number.  

     Parishes of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany  (rcda)  Contact parishes in 14 counties.  Listed by county.

     Parishes of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany   (evangelist)  Alphabetical by city or town(ship) in a 14

        county area.  

     Churches of Albany Co. (modern)   (Debby Masterson)  Addresses and phone numbers.

     A Historical Discourse on the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Albany Delivered on Thanksgiving Day,

         November 26, 1857, in the North Dutch Church by the Pastor Rev. E. P. Rogers, D. D.(1858) (MOA-Cornell)
     Second Dutch Reformed Church of Berne (now Thompson Lake Reformed Church) - photo   (bernehistory)  

     West Mountain Methodist-Episcopal Church (Town of Berne)   (bernehistory)  Includes recent photo of church

         in ruins, plus some history.  

     Town of Berne Church Information & Photos    (bernehistory)  20 churches.

     St. Peter's Episcopal Church   (NYS Museum)  

     St. Peter's Church (Episcopal)   (St. Peter's Church)  Click here for Archives information.  

     St. Peter's Church (Episcopal) and Albany between 1900 and 1920   (St. Peter's Church)  Postcard views.

     A Brief History of Roman Catholics in the Albany Diocese   (rcda) 

     Statistics for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany   (rcda)  Begun in 1847.  



    Churches of Columbia Co.   (Hudson Valley Network)  Addresses, phone numbers.

    Chatham Center Methodist Episcopal Church - Pastors 1875-1906   (Jane Williams Wood) 



    Churches of Greene County (1884)   (J.B. Beers/ Arlene Goodwin)  Excellent.  



     Fonda (Caughnawaga) Reformed Church   (W.N.P. Dailey)

      Caughnawaga Reformed Church   (Herbert R. Groff) 

  Elijah and Calvin Herrick, Baptist Ministers   (Richard L. Herrick)  Family information.  



    Church Vital Records in Existence in 1942, and Where Located   (Pat Connors)  Excellent Resource.  

    Rensselaer Co. Churches   (Debby Masterson)  Addresses, phone numbers.



    Amity Reformed Church in Vischer Ferry Celebrates 200 Years   (John Scherer)  



    Churches of Schenectady Co.   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)  Dates of their records, and where kept.

    Churches, Synagogues and Mosques in Schenectady Co.   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)  Names,

        addresses, phone numbers.




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